This what your dog would’ve looked like 100 years ago

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This summer my sister and her kids and I went to the Ulster County State fair in New Paltz, NY. There, they had one of those old time-y photo vendors. I was all “No way!” And my sister was all “Yes way!” She’s older. And stronger. So, we went.

The four of us ended up dressed in our Old West brothel finest. Each of the kids was holding a whiskey bottle. Needless to say, it was the worst photo ever. Terrible terrible. I don’t think my sister let it even leave the fairgrounds with us. But, when I saw these by HotDigitalDog on Etsy, I kind of wished she’d saved it so we could’ve chopped off our heads — in Photoshop, I mean–and replaced them with some of our favorite antique-loving hounds. For $50, the good people at HDD will do the job for you.


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