Amy Sedaris’ DIY bunny treats

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For this week’s installment of Do This With Your Pet, I discuss rescuing rabbits.  Did you know that most of the rabbits in shelters were purchased as Easter gifts and then discarded? Why can’t people just stick to the milk chocolate variety?

I don’t have my own rabbit.  I have a dog, and rabbits and dogs don’t generally mix. One is a prey species, and one is very hungry.

Some years ago, my sister’s hick boyfriend called to say that he was at a yard sale and someone was trying to find a home for a bunny with a broken leg. It was the day she was due to birth their second child. She said something along the lines of “Please do not bring  home a rabbit,” but without being quite that polite. Guess what he did? A few hours later, she and I were at PetCo getting supplies for the rabbit. Her baby daddy had fallen asleep. The following day, we went out for a walk and told him to make sure the door to the rabbit’s room was closed if he went out. He left. He did not close the door. We came home to three very proud dogs and one very limp rabbit in the middle of the living room.  The relationship ended very soon thereafter.

So, no rabbits for me. But, if I did have one, I’d certainly make him these lovely dynamite sticks–a project dreamed up by actor-cum-comedian-cum-outspoken rabbit rights activist, Amy Sedaris.


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