A travel water bowl for dogs made with old bottles

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In theory, I like the idea of a travel water bowl for dogs. There are lots of cool ones out there: some fold, others that have a bowl attached. All are great, except for one thing: I always lose track of them. So, when Amos and I are on the go, I usually resort to using a dixie cup, my hand, or the bottle cap. Amos is on the small side so these are all do-able…but not dignified.

That’s why I like Instructable user Steeler’s makeshift travel water bowl: it can be made quickly with something you already have lying around: plastic bottles. He simply halves one of the bottles and slips it on the side of another bottle, where it sits until needed. When it’s time to drink up, you pour the water from the one bottle into the dish-like half-bottle. Clever!



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