Rookie, retired junkyard dog looking for lub

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At Dog Habitat‘s adoption event last Saturday I had the good luck to take Rookie for a long walk through McCarren Park.

Up until last month, this wonderful slobbering giant spent most of his time as the guard dog at a Williamsburg junkyard. He frequently escaped through a hole in the fence. Over the years, he developed something of a fan club of dog lovers in McCarren Park. Worried that he’d get hit by a car if he was left to the roam the streets, he was brought to Dog Habitat earlier this summer. Twice. The first time, Jay and Rob at Dog Habitat contacted the junkyard owner. He wanted him back. One week later,  he got out again. The second time, the owner allowed Dog Habitat to add Rookie to their menagerie.

What a sweet soul this guy is.  Big dogs usually don’t live as long as small ones; he might only have three years or so ahead of him. Now he just needs a patch of grass to call his own.

Rookie is that gentle dog that every kid wants to ride like a horse and then cuddle like a teddy. And invite to a tea party. And dress up in drag on halloween. He wants to be all those things to the right family. If you’re interested in adopting Rookie, contact Dog Habitat Rescue in Brooklyn, NY, or visit his page on PetFinder.



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