Squishy and Mama: Rescued from a fire, now looking for homes

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Last March, fourteen pitbulls were rescued from a deadly fire in the Bronx. They suffered burns, both from the fire and the chemical sprays used by the firefighters. All had to receive oxygen because of the smoke inhalation. Three were eventually euthanized.

But this sad story has a happy ending — and you might be part of that tale: One of the dogs, an emaciated pit mix, was nursing puppies when the fire started. She and her babies, frightened and drenched in the smell of smoke, were all delivered to Dog Habitat Rescue. The shelter nursed them back to health. Now, all the puppies have found homes. Except for Squishy.

Who is Squishy? This photo says it all. She is four months old and will probably be rather petite– no more than 35 pounds. She’s been handled and cuddled and loved up by humans nonstop since the day she got out of that fire with her siblings. You couldn’t ask for a mushier lovier squishier pup. Now she just needs a family. Preferably one with a healthy fear of pyrotechnics.

Her mother, who is known both as “Phoenix” and  “Mama,” is also still looking for a home. That’s her with the fireman, in a picture that was featured in the New York Times.  Now, she is thriving at Dog Habitat in Greenpoint, where she let’s anyone pick her up and cuddle her like a big macaroni noodle.  If you’re interested in either (or both?) of these petite pit mixes, contact Jay at Dog Habitat or head to their pages on Petfinder (here and here).


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