How to get your dog to love his dog costume…by sticking his face in a sock


Halloween is about wearing costumes and being scared. Well you know what’s scary to a dog? Wearing a costume.

Nevertheless, we insist on swaddling our pups in pumpkin hats, hot dog buns, Darth Vader suits, Amy Winehouse getups… We are a very strange species.

I suppose dog costumes are so popular because it has become more acceptable to treat pets like children. Thing is, children and dogs want different things. Children want to eat candy and watch SpongeBob. Dogs want to smell each others’ butts and run around naked.

That doesn’t mean that we humans can’t have our fun. I made this video to show how you can do some basic positive reinforcement training to help your dog create good associations with his costume. Because I didn’t have a velociraptor outfit on hand, I used an old sock. Shush your face. He still thinks I’m tops.


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