Is there a punishment-free way to train a dog to stop barking?

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Icelandic dog trainer Freyja Kristinsdottir made this excellent tutorial on how to keep your dog from barking at the doorbell. In this video, which was a submission to the 2011 Canis Film Festival, Freyja demonstrates how to use classical conditioning to make your dog associate the sound of the doorbell with going and sitting in his bed quietly.

It’s not a quick fix! This kind of training requires breaking the behavior down into small parts and practicing in short spurts each day over the period of what could be several weeks (or more, depending on your dog and your training acumen). But if you lumped together all those minutes over all those days, it wouldn’t add up to more than an hour or two–not a huge price to pay for the tranquility you’ll experience every time the doorbell rings for the rest of your dog’s life.


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