Eco-friendly dog merchandise, brought to you by Kansas prisoners

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By Jonathan Bender

When it comes to sustainability and sleeping, dogs might have the entire world beat. They’ll lie-down just about anywhere; it’s their two-legged friends that keep mucking it up because of a desire to upgrade their pup’s sleeping arrangements: We’re much more aesthetically-minded.

But humankind might be catching on to something that dogs have known all along – comfort and earth-friendly aren’t mutually exclusive concepts.

What better place to learn about eco-happy pet furniture than…prison.  Turns out  that a Kansas jail may be the very place to rehabilitate our perception of pup bunks. The Hutchinson News reports that inmates at the Hutchinson Correctional Facility are taking foam and material from discarded mattresses and repurposing them as dog beds. The beds, which can take as long as six hours to make, are sold by a  local veterinarian to raise proceeds for the  facility’s Lucky Dog program, which involves prisoners in training local shelter dogs.

The beds aren’t yet available for folks outside of Hutchinson, Kansas. So for now you’ll have to turn to the good folks at Esty shop, Atomic Attic, for their ability to turn vintage suitcases into beautiful dog beds.

And that VCR with a VHS tape of Ghostbusters 2 still in the front? They’re making those into pet feeders.


Your dog likes both of these. He told us so. But if these recycled options don’t jibe with your living room decor,  please, don’t have a panic attack. There are other options to keep both your pooch and your conscience sleeping soundly at night.

Dogma Pet Beds 

The nonprofit Society of St. Vincent de Paul makes these oval-shaped pet beds from recycled mattresses, saving landfill space and accessorizing your living room.


West Paw Design 

Since 2006, West Paw Design has turned soda bottles into dog beds.  Just one word…plastics.

Wood and Fire

Vintage doll bed or perfect for Chihuahua divan? Life is a matter of perspective. Joan Peter of Seattle sends recycled wood items, including this sweet bed, at her Etsy store, WoodandFire.



Etsy shop GoPetDesign turns recycled U.S. issue survival ‘pup’ tents into canvas dog beds.

Hugh Hayden Design

If dogs dream of pet beds, odds are they’re dreaming of the Hex Tennis Dog Bed. Hugh Hayden Design has created this line of animal furniture from a triple stack of tennis balls that is slobbery-worthy for humans and canines alike.




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