There’s a (fake) mouse in the (fake) house!


Humans have done a lot to affect dog evolution — we’ve created creatures that help us out, whether it’s by herding, barking to alert us to intruders, or looking cute in a hand bag. Cat evolution, on the other hand been far less manipulated by the needs of homo sapien sapiens. But, I’d argue that, in urban life, today’s cats are more useful than dogs. Why? They eat mice.

But if they do their job right –and if the super is doing his job–the only mouse you hope to have in your home is attached to your computer. So what do you get the cat that has everything? Pre-killed mice? Well, that’s certainly an option. Or you could opt for Mouse in The House, a product that’s basically a mini-apartment which contains a mouse that is proportionally massive. A feline dream come true.


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