The Litter Spinner: Bringing science, “bling,” and cat poop

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Have you heard of the Litter Spinner?

I hadn’t. But when I came across the Youtube ad for it, I was hooked.

There’s a special place in my heart for low budget pet product informercials. How fondly I remember the Snoozer bike basket’s cool jazz mood, and the comic timing of the Mouse in the House cat toy system. Ah, mem’ries.

The Litter Spinner’s effort begins with a beleaguered cat lady, slumped over a litter box. Alone. Again. Where is the handsome prince who we always thought would swoop in and assume responsibility for this task?

But wait, there is now a device! A device that…

Yipes, who wrote this stuff! We need to get Peggy Olsen on this one. After touching on the emotional issues at hand (home, shame, poop smell), the commercial lets us know that this new device isn’t just functional–it’s also stylish: You can decorate it with that they refer to as “bling.”

I could make fun of this commercial all day. But I’m going to stop now. Why? Because it’s actually really cool and I want one!

Simply roll this barrel-shaped device and the waste collects in a drawer that you can then remove.

Apparently, there are other devices that take similarly novel approaches to using gravity to clean litter boxes with little or no human intervention. And many of them have similarly mesmerizingly bad (good bad) infomercials and fan review-mercials.

The LitterLoo does it by oscillating from one side to another, like a seesaw.

This one does it by looking like R2D2:

This one still requires scooping, but it bags the poop for you. And it does it in French.

You know what else these products would be good for? Panning for gold! Right?

Apparently, I’m not the first genius to think of this.


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