Soft serve dog poop: The cause and the solution

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I’ve been working with dogs for a decade – as a dog walker, shelter worker, holistic pet store clerk, raw dog food rep – so if there’s anything I know a lot about, it’s dog poop.

I recently read this interesting blog post by Patricia McConnell about the connection between a dog’s gut and emotional problems.  As anyone who lives with an anxious or fearful dog knows: it’s not uncommon for these dogs to have digestive upset. A lot.

So here’s what I want you to know: you’re not the only one who’s getting up at 3am to let your dog out to take a dump, even though he just went a few hours ago. You’re not the only one that is patiently waiting for the day when your dog’s poop comes out as a solid nugget, worthy of bronzing, so you can put it on your mantle next to your baby shoes.

You’re normal and so is your dog.

If your dog has ever been on antibiotics, has food sensitivities, has trouble switching from one food to another, received poor nutrition in his previous home, was previously under fed, or has emotional problems such as fear (like in McConnell’s blog), your dog’s gut might need a boost.

In order to have solid poop, your dog needs a little help from good bacteria in his digestive system (just like us!) and the fastest, cheapest, most effective way I know to get from soft serve to solid turd is: Enzymes and Probiotics.

I use NaturVet which costs about $15 for a few months supply. You can find it online or at independent pet stores. It’s a powder you add to their kibble and it works wonders.

Try it.  It doesn’t hurt and it almost always helps.  For my pit bull Boogie, it changed his digestive system around completely.  He went from squirming to go out round the clock, unable to switch foods with out major stomach troubles, and no solid poop for a year (!), to 2-3 number twos a day, always solid, and comfortable with new foods.  And because I work with dogs, I know dozens and dozens of other families who have had the same results.

It’s pretty exciting the day your dog starts pooping like a normal kid.  You might want to jump up and down and take photos to share…it’s a proud moment, I know. Go on and celebrate.

This post originally appeared on  Notes From A Dog Walker

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