Garmin now makes shock-collars for dogs


Garmin had long been making GPS-enabled dog collars. Now, a year after swallowing Tri-Tronics, they’ve launched the ultimate hybrid: A Garmin-branded GPS-enabled shock collar meant to aid hunters needing to give “corrections” at a distance.

According to a review by Brian Lynn at, the Garmin Alpha, can administer shocks to twenty dogs at once, at a distance of up to nine miles away.


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  1. Justin Brooks

    November 26, 2012 4:32 pm

    What an interesting concept. This will be a VERY beneficial shock collar variation for hunters… This is gonna fly off the shelves like crazy!!! Is tritronics trying to keep up with Garmin on this one??? Tritronic Shock Collars are some of the best, but Garmin is one of the best gps companies around… This should be interesting… Thanks for sharing the video… Good stuff!!! 🙂


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