Hurricane Sandy pets, lost and found



I fear there are bleak times ahead for the pets in areas impacted by Sandy. Dozens of large shelters in the area have closed, putting added stress on what ill-funded shelters have managed to stay open. Those in the New York City rescue community are murmuring about what the death toll may be when the city’s shelters are fully back to work; they’re overcrowded in the best of times, and daily euthanize pets because of lack of space.

But there are some bright lights: Many wonderful accommodations are being made in New York City to help people avoid leaving their pets in abandoned homes, and I’ve heard that there’s a rising number of fosterers are opening up their homes to animals in need of temporary homes.  A handful of Facebook sites and Craiglisters are helping to spread the word about animals that have been lost in the last few days, and ones that have been found.

Above are some of the pets who’ve either been found, or who’ve gone missing since Monday night.

From above left, they are:

Missing from Canterbury, NH

Missing from Brooklyn, NY

Missing from New Haven, CT

Found in Brooklyn, NY

Found in Staten Island, NY

Found in Hyattsville, MD

Found in Hyattsville, MD

These were taken from Craigslist, Hurricane Sandy’s Lost and Found Pets, and Missing Pets Alliance.
If you have other information about lost or found animals or can recommend resources for anyone who is trying to locate a pet or a pet’s owner, please share it here.

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  1. Breakfastfor8

    November 4, 2012 6:14 am

    Lost Petz App (via American Humane). Please ask everyone to download. Allows distraught pet owners to post details to everyone in their neighbourhood and allows everyone who is willing to help to see what pets are missing. Please share!!!!


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