Cat cafes make pet ownership a part-time affair

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New Yorkers don’t approve of pets in restaurants. Americans in general don’t like to have furry things in public places with food.

But Canada has much more liberal ideas about this stuff.

Witness: A new project to raise money for Montreal’s first cat cafe. Cafe Chat L’Heureux. I’m a fan of anything that let’s people spend quality time with animals they love, and I’m especially excited about ways that enable these relationships while subtracting some of the responsibilities and stresses that can come with “full time” pet ownership. So, go cat cafes!

You can help support this venture by donating to its Indiegogo campaign or joining the prospective cafe’s Facebook page.

This is based on similar places that already exist throughout Japan and Europe. Last fall, I visited the cat cafe in Paris. Unfortunately, I was with someone who wasn’t allowed inside: My dog! But I was able to sneak in to take a couple of photos.

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(This is my mom and my dog, who waited outside while I took photos)

Some other cat cafes around the world:

Tokyo Cat Cafes


catcafetokyo Tokyocat

Cat Cafe “Cafe Neko” in Vienna



(Cafe Neko Photos by John McCabe and Herbert Statchelberger)



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