For the dog who needs an extra set of cute ears, introducing “Snoods”

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We recently discovered the Etsy shop Courtanai, which is run by dog lover Courtney Dalton of Madison, North Carolina. She makes “snoods” for dogs and donated one as a perk for our IndieGogo fundraising campaign. We contacted her to learn all we could about the latest in dog millinery.


What exactly is a “snood?”

A snood is kind of like a hat and a cowl put together. They are great for dogs who have ears that are sensitive to cold and rain or dogs who hate to wear hats. My dog really doesn’t care for hats too much, but he likes his snoods.


How did the idea to make these come about? 

My first snood was a custom request from one of my best customers. I had made a bear hat but she wanted something more like a cowl with ears, so I made her one, listed it, and sold 3 on the first day. They became more popular than I could have ever imagined.


Tell us about your model.

That is my 4 year old pitty, Lincoln, in all my photographs. I wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t for him. I learned to knit and figured I had to try to sell something to finance my hobby. I was finished with a people scarf and he had a fit for me to put it on him. Normally he hated my camera, but once I put that scarf on him he became a totally different dog. He posed for pictures like he had been modeling his whole life, not barking and growling at the camera like he normally did. Now he has a routine of poses he likes to do. I very rarely have to prompt him to turn or tilt his head, he just does it on his own, plus a few extra silly faces that just makes it that much better.


How did Lincoln enter your life? 

Lincoln found me when someone brought him to my work at a veterinary hospital. He was just wandering around their neighborhood dragging a chain with him when he was about 10 weeks old. I didn’t think twice about bringing him home and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. He’s more than a pet, he’s my best friend. No matter what I need, whether it is a good laugh or a shoulder to cry on, he knows and he’s there for me.


Do you have any other pets who are awaiting a star turn?

Hopefully soon I can introduce my newest baby Kennedy (also a pit bull who I took when her owner couldn’t treat her two broke legs) into my photos, but I’m not sure Lincoln is going to be too happy about having to share the spotlight!



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