TheDogs is a blog for dog lovers and the non-human animals who tolerate them. Our goal is to bring other animal people information on thoughtful pet ownership, and to act as a porthole to the best dog-related gear, writing, and resources on the Web.

The human/dog pair is one of the world’s most celebrated interspecies partnerships, and the only one where both members have such an avid interest in tennis balls. Once, this mutualistic bond provided protection and hunting assistance for us; their side of the bargain consisted of table scraps and shelter. Today, they give us unconditional love and a reason to laugh and coo. In return, we don’t give them much consistency. Sometimes we give them processed foods and leash jerks; bumblebee costumes and euthanasia needles; electric shocks and alpha rolls. And sometimes we give them peanut butter-filled Kongs, clearly expressed commands followed by rewards, thoughtful menus and adequate playtime.  By better understanding the intricacies of this complex relationship, TheDogs can help pave the way to considerate and happy dog parenting.

TheDogs was started by journalist-turned-dog trainer Anna Jane Grossman in 2010. Grossman has written about pets for The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Gizmodo, Motherboard and ReadyMade, among other publications, and was an associate producer on two seasons of the Animal Planet show Too Cute: Puppies & Kittens. She does  private training consultations and teaching classes in Manhattan at her dog training facility, School For The Dogs.