School For The Dogs

Based near Union Square, School For The Dogs‘ goal is to educate people about how to better relate to their pets.  By gaining an understanding of the basic tenets of behaviorism, we all can lead richer, happier lives, no matter how many legs we have.

We believe in the power of communicating with pets and managing their behavior using positive reinforcement, common sense, and creative thinking. We advocate mindful pet ownership and a holistic approach to caring for all the animals we love. Founded on the work of BF Skinner, “Positive Reinforcement” training is a gentle, science-based teaching method that can be used to train new behaviors to all kinds of animals, be they dogs, fish, dolphins or people.

We teach private sessions throughout NYC and hold small group classes in the Union Square area. Some sessions are just for humans, others are for dog/people teams. In an effort to best cater to our individual students’ needs, sessions usually have no more than four attendees.

Email us, call us at 212-353-8538, or visit for more information.