How to Find the Best Bedding for your Dog

puppy in a dog bed

Dog owners are being advised on how to pick the best bedding for their four-legged friends to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Experts at are encouraging dog owners to consider their pet’s size, age and sleeping habits when choosing the correct bed.

The bedding that dogs sleep on is extremely important for supporting their bone and joint health as they get older.

Giving dogs a comfortable and clean place to sleep can help make them feel less anxious and stressed as well as minimising the risk of skin infections and allergies.

Nic Shacklock from Online-Bedrooms said: “The kind of bed our dogs sleep on is really important for supporting their bone and joint health.

“One of the main things you need to consider when choosing bedding is the age of your dog.

“Older dogs are likely to have weaker joints so they’ll benefit from something like a memory foam bed which will provide them with extra comfort and support.

“If you’re buying a bed for a puppy then you might want to factor in their growth and get a bed that will accommodate their size for when they get a bit older.

“It’s really important you opt for a washable bed or a bed that has a washable cover to keep the space as clean and as hygienic as possible for your dog.”

dog lying on a dog bed

Here are five things you need to consider when choosing a bed for your dog: 

1. Consider your dog’s needs

When choosing bedding you’ll need to consider the age and weight of your dog. Older dogs are likely to need a bed that provides them with more support for their joints like memory foam.

2. Pick the correct size

You’ll need to pick the correct size for your dog to ensure they have enough space to stretch out, lay comfortably and get a better sleep. If you’re choosing a bed for a puppy you may want to pick a bed that will accommodate their growth.

3. Pick according to your dog’s sleeping style

Take note of how your dog sleeps before investing in their bed. For example, if they like to rest their head on something, then they’ll love a high-wall bed. Similarly, dogs who tend to be a bit more anxious and sleep curled up may benefit from a cosy doughnut bed.

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4. Consider waterproof beds

If you’re buying a bed for a puppy or a dog who is not fully house-trained yet, then waterproof beds are a great option.

5. Make sure it’s washable

To keep your dog’s bed clean and hygienic you’ll need to opt for a bed that is washable or has a removable and washable cover. Ideally, you’ll want to wash this once a week or once every two weeks.

6. Allergen free

If your dog suffers from allergies it’s worth getting bedding which is made from hypo-allergenic materials to minimise discomfort.

7. Durability

It’s common for dogs to scratch and dig their bed to make them more comfortable especially when they’re adjusting to new bedding. A durable bed will be able to withstand your dog’s habits and won’t get completely ruined in the first few weeks.