How to a Recognize Red-Nose Pit Bull

American pit bull terriers are dogs originally conceived for work, even if today they are appreciated for companionship tasks; nevertheless, they are chosen for their health and strength.

These are animals that are very fond of outdoor activities and are able to use their energies to play abundant sports.
The red nose pitbulls are one of the most popular versions on the market and therefore among the most expensive. The UKC (United Kennel Club) defines it as an agile, courageous, robust dog with a wide and deep muzzle and short hair. The other two variants are characterized by the “black nose” and the “blue nose”.

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What Are Red Nose Pit Bulls?

You need to know that red-nosed pit bulls are not a separate species from the others, but a variant of the American pit bull with a different color nose. It is a rare variant of the very industrious Pitbull Terrier: these dogs are suitable for carrying out many physical exercises and are able to cross obstacle courses. Other varieties not recognized by the standard are the white and merle pit bull.

The red nose pitbull terriers are born from the cross between bulldog and terrier carried out in England at the beginning of the 19th century, originally to monitor farms and guard livestock. Later they were used for fighting with bulls, due to their strength and endurance. In fact, red-nosed pit bulls possess the sporting character of terriers and the strength of bulldogs.

Over time they have become companion dogs in the house, while maintaining their extraordinary agility. Unfortunately, pit bulls have a reputation for being violent and prone to madness. In reality they are courageous and faithful dogs, with balanced and even affectionate behaviors. Their behavior therefore depends on the way in which they are raised by their owners and on the correct socialization carried out by the breeder in the first months of life. There are owners, in fact, who do not take care of the animal’s health and subject it to psychological pressures, and even use it for illegal fights.

How to Recognize Red-Nosed Pit Bulls?

Red-nosed pit bulls are medium-sized dogs, but they are larger than normal bulldogs. They possess a muscular body, short hair and smooth fur. The jaw is very powerful and the neck is very muscular. The eyes are round and the ears of medium size. They weigh around 30/70 pounds and are about 17/19 inches in size. They are very agile animals with short copper-colored hair.


Red-nosed pit bulls are highly intelligent and easy to train. They have an outgoing and vital nature. They are faithful to their family and affectionate with children. They have a very adaptable nature and can live in apartments. Contrary to popular belief, they have no locking jaws.

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They are animals that easily adapt to different environments. Their character as hunters also remains in modern specimens: for this reason they tend not to get along with other animals and to identify small animals as prey if they are not properly socialized. However, they are very lovable with children, and are often found sleeping with them.

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The red-nosed pit bulls have very variable characters, in fact a good breeder must know how to recommend the puppy suitable for each particular owner, some are recommended for those people who like to do a lot of gymnastics in the open air and have to spend a lot of time outside, therefore they are not recommended for those who do not like the outdoors. Others prefer to stay on the sofa watching Netflix with their boss. Pit bulls are animals that love humans very much: with good training and teaching socialization they can make them an affectionate and caring companion.

How to Know if Your Red-Nosed Pit Bull is a Thoroughbred?

If you want to check if your dog is purebred, you need to check the pedigree documents, which represent the puppy’s family tree. If you do not have the documents available, you can request them from the breeder.

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