How to Look After Retrievers

Retrievers are a very common and incredibly popular breed. On top of being energetic and playful, they are also usually extremely friendly and perfect to have as a family pet, especially if you have children. They can be great companions to anyone seeking a new furry friend.

Retrievers were originally from Scotland and were bred to help hunters retrieve birds and prey without causing any damage to it, hence the name.


Usually characterised as being friendly and sweet-tempered, Retrievers are very friendly companions to have. Described as being lovable, they usually work well with families that will keep them active and happy. They have a lot of energy, so be sure to treat them with long walks where they get to run free.

They are also very intelligent, having been useful companions for many jobs. If you want a pet that you can teach new tricks to, then a retriever would be perfect. This sort of learning behaviour is what makes them perfect service dogs.

Like a lot of dogs, retrievers might exhibit destructive behaviour if they have excess energy or feel anxious. To avoid them chewing on furniture, be sure to give them a chew toy. Always remember to keep them well-exercised to keep your furry little friend happy. Playing a game of fetch is sure to keep them happy.

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Like most dogs, treats are a great way to train a retriever!  They are food-motivated and will respond well to receiving a treat after performing a task. Positive reinforcement through petting and praise will also help you to get the behaviour you want out of your new buddy.

Here are some things to keep in mind if your pooch requires more training:

  • Be consistent: Keep their attention through sessions, making sure they get a reward every time they exhibit the right behaviour.
  • Be patient: Don’t rush them or do anything that might stress them out.
  • Be encouraging: Positive reinforcement through treats and praise will help them to learn.
  • Be loving: Spend time bonding with your dog so that they feel more comfortable and more receptive to commands.


Differences in Appearance and Breed

There are a few different retriever breeds that are set apart by some differences in appearance and sometimes characteristics.

  • Labrador- These are considered the most common. They are your typical, happy companions. They have either a black, yellow or chocolate coat.
  • Chespeake Bay Retriever- Originally bred in America, this breed has a wavy brown coat.
  • Curly-coated Retriever- As the name suggests, this breed comes with a short, curly coat.
  • Flat-coated Retriever- A crossbreed from Newfoundland. Their unique coat is pristine and flat-lying. Their coat comes in shades of black.
  • Golden Retriever- From the Scottish Highlands, this lovable breed is just like any other labrador but comes with a brilliant golden coat.
  • Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever- A playful dog with a thick double coat that is usually a shade of red. They get their unique name from ‘tolling’.


Retrievers are the ideal dog if you are looking for a friendly, smart companion! They love lots of cuddles and to play, making them perfect for a family as well!

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