Labradors Named Britain’s Muckiest Dog Breed

  • Top 5 muckiest and cleanest dog breeds revealed in nationwide study
  • Great Danes among the muckiest pups, with Brits cleaning up dog mess at least once a week
  • Dr. Beckmann launches first-ever Mucky Pet Awards, with prizes on offer for pet owners

Labradors have been named Britain’s muckiest dog breed following new national research into the hilarious habits of ‘man’s best friend’.

The study from cleaning and laundry expert, Dr. Beckmann revealed the top five messiest and cleanest breeds, with Great Danes and German Shepherds also among the top three scruffiest pups.

At the other end of the scale, pint-sized Chihuahuas were found to be the cleanest dog breed, followed by Shih Tzus and Beagles.

Top Muckiest and Cleanest Dog Breeds

Labrador Chihuahua
Great Dane Shih Tzu
German Shepherd Beagle
Bulldog Poodle
Cocker Spaniel Dachshund

Overall, the poll of pet owners found around half (49%) of the nation’s furry friends wreak havoc in the home, with over four in ten (43%) cleaning up an animal-related mess at least once a week.

As a result, 39% of pet owners are less likely to buy nice furniture and fittings because they’re worried their four-legged friend will ruin it, with the average owner spending £55 a year cleaning up or repairing their animal’s mess.


Biggest Issues With Messy Pets

Shedding fur (55%) and cleaning up after them (46%) are the two biggest issues pet owners face, while when it comes to stains, vomit (39%), excrements (34%) and urine (30%) are the most difficult to clean up.

Elsewhere, the research found dogs are six times more likely to wreak havoc in the home than cats, while almost one in ten (8%) pet owners received their furry friend as a Christmas present.

Dogs Create £4,000 Worth of Damage for Pet Owners

Man’s best friend costs the average pet owner a whopping £4,000 in damages over the course of their life, according to fascinating new research.  

Damaged furniture and ruined carpets are the most common complaints among animal owners racking up huge four figure bills.

Almost four in ten owners (38%) say their pooch has caused irreparable damage to their carpet, resulting in £3,000 of damage over the course of the average dog’s lifetime. 

Elsewhere, duvets, shoes, curtains and bedsheets also take the brunt of canines’ curiosity, according to the nationwide poll, racking up bills of around £300. 

Meanwhile, over a third of dog owners (35%) complain about their pet devouring their food, with the average pooch snaffling the equivalent of two weekly shops over its lifetime, costing £125. 

Dr Beckmann Mucky Pet Awards Competition

To celebrate the nation’s muckiest pups, Dr. Beckmann has launched the first-ever Mucky Pet Awards, with pet owners invited to submit pictures of their dirty dogs (or even filthy felines!) to be in with a chance of winning one of five Dr. Beckmann hampers.

The hamper includes a personalised Dr. Beckmann Pet Stain & Odour Remover with the winner’s filthy four legged friend on the front. The number one winning entry will also get a mucky-themed professional photoshoot with their beloved pet and a £250 voucher of their choice*.

To enter, simply post a photo of your mucky pup or filthy feline on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #DrBMuckyPets and tagging @drbeckmannuk.

And even if you’re not a competition winner, Dr. Beckmann’s Pet Stain & Odour Remover, which helps remove stains and odours from carpets and furnishings, is available online and in store at Sainsbury’s and Asda for a discounted price of just £3.

Chloe Baker, Dr. Beckmann spokesperson, said: “It’s time to embrace the joy and chaos of life with our beloved four-legged friends. And this year it’s Labradors that take the cake – sometimes literally!

“At Dr. Beckmann, we understand the trials of pet ownership, and that’s why we’re here to help. Our discounted Pet Stain & Odour Remover is your secret weapon against the messiest of mishaps.

“And as a nation of proud pet owners, let’s celebrate the charm of our mucky pups! Join the Mucky Pet Awards by sharing your adorable chaos-makers on social media and enter our competition using #DrBMuckyPets and tagging @drbeckmannuk.”

Dr. Beckmann’s Pet Stain and Odour remover is available at a wide range of retailers and in store and online at Asda (until 24th January) for just £3.

The cleaning and laundry brand, based in Greater Manchester, has also partnered with the Manchester & Cheshire Dogs’ Home as part of its Mucky Pet Awards and donated a year’s supply of Pet Stain & Odour Remover to the home to help clean up after the residents