Five Dog-Friendly Home Spring Cleaning Tips 

  • Comparethemarket reveals top pet-related Spring-cleaning tips including pooch-proofing your furniture, having a dedicated cleaning space, and keeping essential products at the ready.

Spring is known as the season for deep cleaning your home as well as being the time when our beloved furry friends begin to shed the most fur ahead of the warmer weather.

To help pet owners keep their home in tip-top condition, the pet team at Comparethemarket reveals some key housekeeping tips, including advice on muddy paws from rainy Spring walks to fur-proofing your furniture.

Pooch-Proof Your Furniture

Whilst the dog is in the process of shedding its winter coat, use blankets or a bed sheet to cover the sofa which will help make cleaning up any fur easier. Washable slipcovers are also a good investment if you want things to look neat and tidy whilst your pooch is getting rid of that extra lining.

Brush Your Dog Often

Although many long hair breeds need regular brushing regardless of the season, during these shedding months, both long and short-haired breeds could do with some extra attention. Brushing your dog can help to remove dead hair, dirt, and dander which is why it’s a good idea to do so frequently to avoid making a mess in your home.

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Keep On Top Of Stains

Springtime can be prone to showers and with that comes muddy pawprints. When faced with mud, dirt or soil stains from paws don’t be tempted to wipe immediately, let it dry, vacuum the area and then apply a suitable carpet shampoo.

Have The Right Products to Hand

Reusable lint rollers are essential for quick fur removal from fabrics such as clothes, curtains or sofas and for any accidents or muddy paws, whipping up a mix of water and baking soda in a spray bottle can make an efficient DIY stain remover.

Set up a Designated Area For Cleaning Your Dog

If you have space to set up a dedicated cleaning station for your dog then great but, if not, you can simply use your entranceway. Add a heavy-duty doormat, towels, pet-friendly wipes, and a water spray bottle to help clean any muddy paws.

Pet insurance expert, Anna McEntee from Comparethemarket says: “Having a happy and clean home environment is important for everyone in the household but when you have pets it can bring additional challenges. Taking the steps to be best prepared for any potential mess caused by the changing seasons will help avoid any extra stress.

“Spring can bring with it a range of considerations for pet owners, whether it’s unmatting muddy coats, keeping on top of allergies or taking care of build-up on the skin from shedding. If your dog is prone to any seasonal-related allergies or fur issues, it could be worth checking that you have the right coverage for your pet to ensure you are covered from any unforeseen vet visits.”

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