Discover The UK’s Most Popular Dog Names

Animed Direct, an online supplier of pet food, care products and supplements, has surveyed more than 750,000 customers to find out which names are the most popular with UK dog owners. You can find the research data here.

Animed Direct analysed English celebrities that acquired puppies from December 2019 to January 2021, including, Dua Lipa, Emily Atack, Elizabeth Hurley and Liam Payne. Drawing comparisons between celebrity breed choices, naming conventions and size.

Read on to discover the UK’s most popular celebrity dog names, and see if y0ur dog shares a name with a celebrity dog!

Celebrity Human Vs Non-Human Names

According to previous research conducted by Animed for Top Names 12.3% of dog names are non-human. When analysing celebrity counterparts only 5.9% named their dog something you couldn’t call a person!

celebrity dog namesPopular Dog Names

Only one celebrity named their puppy to a close popular dog name, with Emilia Clarke naming her Dachshund puppy Ted, close to the popular male dog name Teddy.

Celebrity Dog Size

76.5% of the new additions were small dog breeds, that highlights the popularity of small dog breeds in the UK. The number of searches for ‘small dogs for sale’ can be seen below, with interest spiking over the first lockdown in March 2020:

dog salesCelebrity Puppy Breeds

The most popular breed choice for new celebrity puppies was the spaniel, both Cocker Spaniels and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

Spaniel puppies were added to the households of Louise Thompson, Emily Atack, Georgia Toffolo, choosing Cavalier King Charles pups. Whilst James Middleton, Victoria and David Beckham and Royals Kate Middleton and Prince William all opted for Cocker Spaniels.

dog names celebrity breedsRescued Vs Rehomed Pups

From our data only two celebrities chose to rehome their puppies, with Dua Lipa adopting Dexter with her model boyfriend Anwar Hadid and Paul O’Grady adopting Nancy after his beloved dog Boycie died.