The Safest Houseplants For Pets And Small Children

Many people across the UK are still working from home and choosing to invest in their home offices. Known to boost wellbeing (RHS), houseplants are a popular choice for sprucing up makeshift desks.

For people sharing their home with animals, children or both, there are considerations to bear in mind when choosing the best plants. Wandering hands and a fondness for chewing means problems range from spilled soil to poorly pets when not researched properly.

Business supplies software specialists ECI Software Solutions have teamed up with Phil Gaskin of Little Plant Guys to share his insight, revealing which plants are a safe bet for anyone looking to invest this winter.

Top 5 Houseplants For The Floor

  • Kentia Palm
  • Dwarf Banana Plant
  • Calathea Rufibarba
  • Parlour Palm
  • Coconut Palm

Top 5 Desk Dwelling Plants

  • Calathea Stromanthe Triostar
  • Chinese Money Plant (Pilea)
  • Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra)
  • Maidenhair Fern
  • Pinstripe calathea

Top 2 Plants For Baskets Or Shelves

  • Fishbone Cactus
  • Spider Plant

Phil offered some tips for looking after any new, leafy investments. He said:

“Anyone with a pet or a child will know that plants love to be pushed over the second your back is turned, leaving soil all over the floor.

“Of course, no plant should ever be ingested but these are safer alternatives for inquisitive minds of children and pets!

“These wandering hands and paws aren’t the only danger for your new plant friends. Too much water is the number one killer, with most new plant parents believing they need to water them every few days or once a week. Stop!

“Pop your finger in the soil. If the top two inches are completely dry, then and only then give them a good drink. Set an alarm on your phone to repeat the process every two weeks. Then place them somewhere light and out of reach of any inquisitive little hands or paws.”

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