The Top 10 Petfluencers To Follow In 2021

Once upon a time, the only celebrities on our radar were those in award-winning films, who released chart-topping songs, or were featured on runways and magazine covers. Today, thanks to social media and platforms like Instagram, anyone can become an influencer and build a base of followers – like fans – who can keep up to date with their every move. So, what are petfluencers, who is the best to follow?

Influencers post engaging content that gives us a glimpse into their life, whether it’s funny videos, beauty tutorials, or cute pets that make us green with jealousy. It’s no secret that we’re a nation of animal lovers, whether we’ve got our own pets at home or are vicariously living through others that do. So it comes as no surprise to learn that there are accounts out there that are dedicated to pets. Yes, you heard right – petfluencers!

It isn’t just people aspiring to garner thousands of followers. Many pet personalities have climbed the influencer ladder thanks to their owners. So, if you’re anything like us and are pet obsessed, here we take a look at the top petfluencers to follow in 2021. The team at VioVet, who supply pharmaceutical products to help our pets, including Indorex Flea Spray, take a look at the number of Instagram followers, the average number of likes, and total engagement rate, which measures the level of interaction followers have with their posts. We decided that an account’s active engagement rate would be the most reliable measure of which pets are hot on our list right now! So, who’re double-tapping whose posts?

petfluencers to follow1. @plumpycats

@plumpycats came first with 103,000 followers, 16,535 average likes, and 16% engagement rate, placing this petfluencer as top. This adorable account features four plumpy British Shorthairs called Lily, Maple, Dahlia, and Honey. The content features different photos and videos of the cats around the house.

2. @mayapolarbear

Taking second place of top petfluencers to follow with an impressive 2,000,000 followers, 232,531 average likes, and 11.9% engagement rate is @mayapolarbear, a fluffy white Samoyed dog.

We’re not surprised this pooch has so many followers as it looks like she’s smiling a lot of the time – we’ve never seen a happier dog. Over the last few years, Maya found success on YouTube, with content featuring an ASMR series as viewers tune in to watch their favourite fluffball munch on a bunch of tasty treats from chicken gizzard to peanut butter! If you’re not sure what ASMR is, it stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, where people involuntarily react to certain sounds with a tingling that goes down their body.


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3. @boscoandhisbigstick

In third place, we have @boscoandhisbigstick, earning 121,000 followers, 11,104 average likes, and 8.3% engagement rate. Bosco, dubbed “King of the Sticks”, is a Dachshund from London, often pictured with a gigantic stick in his mouth that is over three times the size of him on his walkies. There has been a recent addition to the sausage dog family, with little Blaze the pup Dachshund joining. Watch both of them grow up together and build a bond by following them on Instagram.

4. @tuckerbudzyn

In fourth place is @tuckerbudzyn. This beautiful Golden Retriever has caught the hearts of 2,700,000 followers, attracting an average 236,209 likes, and an 8.1% engagement rate. Based in Michigan, Tucker recently went viral after a video of him doing a ‘zoomie’ caught our attention. If you don’t know what a zoomie is, it’s when a pet displays a crazy explosion of energy, known as frenetic random activity periods. It’s a natural behaviour that doesn’t cause any harm, just pure excitement and energy!

Tucker has become our favourite dog meme with the hilarious faces he pulls going about his day to day.

5. @lyo.thecat

In fifth place is @lyo.thecat, a British shorthair cat with 152,000 followers, 10,990 average likes, and a 6.9% engagement rate. Living in Southtyrol, Italy, this stunning white cat has piercing blue eyes that create mesmerising photos. As well as Lyo, there is Mila and Ivy, two grey cats with equally sharp bright orange eyes. This petfluencer account is unlike any other, with totally unique and artistic photographs taken of the cats in different scenic landscapes and comforting backgrounds.

If you’re looking for something new that is always keeping it interesting by mixing things up, this is the petfluencer for you to follow.

6. @broleyblue

In sixth place is @broleyblue, a Husky with a unique black and white patterned face that we haven’t seen much. Broley is carrying on the legacy of Kong Da Savage who passed away in 2019. The account has 2,800,000 followers, 143,392 average likes, and 5.2% engagement rate. Broley’s owner is Logan Paul, an American YouTuber and internet personality who is building an online reputation for his gorgeous four-legged friend.

7. @marniethedog

In seventh place is @marniethedog, a Shih Tzu with 1,800,000 followers, 88,613 average likes, and a 5.1% engagement rate. Marnie was a female Shih Tzu rescue dog adopted by her owner who became an internet sensation. You’ve probably seen photos or videos of this dog before due to her unique face! Marnie is snapped with her head cocked to one side with her tongue hanging out. Sadly, Marnie passed away last year at the amazing age of 18. Senior pooch Phyllis is now featured on the account to carry on the content, who was adopted at a rescue centre. Phyllis also has the same cute lolling tongue, so if you want your day perking up, this is the ideal petfluencer to bring a smile to your face.

8. @teddytheshetland

In eighth place, we have a new animal on the list! @teddytheshetland is a Shetland Pony, attracting 150,000 followers, 7,721 average likes, and a 5% engagement rate.

Teddy is a tiny pony that isn’t much larger than a dog. He is photographed alongside other animals, with cute snaps showing a Cocker Spaniel happily sat on his back, snuggling in with one of his human family members, or wearing heart-shaped glasses. According to Teddy’s Instagram profile, he’s an international heartbreaker, and we’d have to say that we completely agree.

9. @mr.pokee

In ninth place of top petfluencers to follow is @mr.pokee, an adorable and tiny hedgehog that has 1,800,000 followers, 89,027 average likes, and 4.6% engagement rate. Do you even need any reasons to follow a tiny hedgehog on Instagram? The petfluencer account shows the spiky and loveable animal travelling across the world, caught in pictures on a river in Paris by the Eiffel Tower, by hills in Hallstatt, Austria, and leafy autumn forests in Saxon Switzerland National Park.

As well as travelling more than any of us could ever hope to, Mr Pokee is smiling in almost every picture on his holidays. How isn’t Mr Pokee number one on this list? Get following his account so he gets the recognition he deserves for his fabulous lifestyle.

10. @juniperfoxx

In tenth place is @juniperfoxx, a rescue fox with 2,900,000 followers, 110,786 average likes, and a 3.7% engagement rate. This petfluencer features Juniper and friends, namely Lore, Herbal, Fig, Finch, Elmwood, Mushroom, and Scales. The owner of these animals rescues exotic animals to rehabilitate them for adoption. There are plenty of comings and goings of unique animals who are in need of TLC and someone willing to help.

If seeing animals rescued online fills you with love then @juniperfoxx is sure to brighten up your day and put a smile on your face. This petfluencer documents a lot of different content including informative posts about the animals to dispel misconceptions and promoting the message that you should only care for an animal if you have the means and understanding to do so.

Make sure you make the most of social media in lockdown in 2021 by filling your feed with adorable and happy posts of animals. Follow these petfluencers and put a smile on that face.