Throwing a Halloween Party For Your Dog

As Summer comes to an end, we start to trade the heatwaves for Halloween parties and Autumn festivals. The party product experts over at Aura Print have given us their bone-afied step by step guide to throwing a spook-tastic Halloween party for your furry best friend this October!

1. Choosing the Right Venue

Consider how well the venue aligns with your Halloween theme. A space that can easily be decorated to create a spooky or festive atmosphere is a bonus.

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden big enough for all your furry friends to run around, you’ll want to make sure the perimeter is escape-proof, remove any tools and equipment, and make sure there’s access to plenty of water and shade.

If not, then dog friendly parks and cafes can also make for great alternatives, and there’s plenty of them dotted around the UK. Find a secure dog park near you, here.

2. Picking the Menu

Arguably the most exciting aspect of any Halloween puppy party, is the treats! Try setting up a treat bar with a variety of dog-friendly treats and snacks. Pet owners can choose and fill treat bags for their furry friends to take home.

Some bakeries and pet stores will provide themed treats perfect for the occasion, however when in doubt, homemade is always better. Take a look online and you’ll find a ton of recipes especially designed for dogs (just make sure you check the ingredients first).

From Halloween themed pupcakes to nourishing pumpkin treats, plenty of homemade doggy snacks have made their way onto our TikTok feeds this autumn, and we just can’t get enough:

Puppuccinos: 159.8 million TikTok views

Pupcakes: 12.6 million TikTok views

Pumpkindogtreats: 992.9K TikTik views

Pupcorn: 718.7k TikTok views

Find further information on the foods that dogs can and can’t have here. Bone appetit!

Halloween Party

3. Setting up Activities

Dogs love to socialise and play together, so why not bring a few activities into the mix. Set up stations around the party area where dogs can “trick-or-treat” by doing a trick to earn a dog-friendly treat.

Organise dog-friendly games like bobbing for apples (with dog-safe apples), a mini obstacle course, or a treasure hunt for dog treats. Just remember to adjust games based on the dog’s age, size, and activity level.

A trick contest is also a great way for the humans to get involved and show off their dogs best skills, letting the winning pup win a special prize.

4. Planning a Costume Contest

It goes without saying that hosting a Halloween costume contest will provide plenty of photo opps for you to look back on and cherish for years to come. And who doesn’t love showing off their pup on Instagram?

Owners can dress their pets in creative and spooky costumes with prizes for the best, scariest, funniest, or most original costumes. You could also organise a Halloween pup parade where dogs can showcase their outfits. Create a designated path for them to walk along, allowing everyone to admire their adorably ghoulish garments.

5. Don’t Forget The Humans

Whilst the puppies are undoubtedly the real stars of the Halloween party, you can’t forget about your fellow human guests.

Provide dog-safe paint or non-toxic markers for pet owners to decorate pumpkins with dog-themed designs and consider dog-themed treats, such as mini hot dogs, ‘furrito bowls’ and ‘paw-tato chips’.

And finally, you don’t want to send your guests home empty-pawed, so a little goodie bag with a thank you note, assorted pic n mix treats, and an extra toy goes a long way.

Enjoy celebrating Halloween with your furry friend!