Dog Birthday Cards? Celebrate Their Birthday In Style

happy dog birthday

Dogs have a special place in our hearts, and there’s no better time to celebrate our furry friends than on Hug Your Hound Day on Sunday 12th of September – a full day devoted to appreciating our dogs and showing them affection and love. Dog birthday cards are a great way to celebrate their birthday, and you can do a doggie activity to make them feel the love!

With searches for ‘Love my hound’ increasing by 400%, ‘Dog birthday party’ by 90% and ‘How to make my dog happy’ as one of the biggest search queries, has gathered the best ways to celebrate Hug Your Hound Day. What’s more, they created a range of cards that people can give to their beloved furry friend on its birthday.

Here are 5 ideas to celebrate your four-legged friend’s birthday:

Dog Party: Give Your Dog Loads Of Birthday Cards!

Celebrate Hug Your Hound Day by throwing your pooch a dog-friendly party! Bake a delicious cake that your pooch can taste too. If your dog loves gifts, why not offer it a new toy, and give it a card? Invite your human friends and let them bring their canine companions to the party.

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Full Spa Day With Your Dog

Who doesn’t want a lavish spa day, regardless of whether you’re a dog or a person? Take the time to pamper your dog with a nice grooming session. Get rid of any matting, and let your furry friend feel fabulous for a day or two until it rolls in the mud – again.

Explore A New Trail

Explore some new walking routes! Get Googling to find the best new trail to take your dog to. Our canine friends love nothing more than to explore and sniff around. Give it the chance to let off some steam. New impressions and lots of interactions make for a happy dog!

Try To Exercise Together

Other than bringing your happy hound for walkies, you could try doing some exercises together! Dog yoga has become incredibly popular lately, with puppy yoga also becoming a thing. Why not take part in this exercise with your pooch and test its core strength.

Enjoy Some Snacks

Fancy a night in on the sofa with the love of your life? Aka, the dog? No one blames you. There are snacks out there that both of you can enjoy! There are even dog-friendly wines out there for your dog so that both can enjoy a glass of vino together!

We hope you have the best day possible! Just remember to give your hound a big, goofy hug to show it it’s loved!