Into The Puplight: Clifford The Cockapoo

Jess is a first time dog owner with her Cockapoo, Clifford. This is also the first time she has stepped into the puplight to show off her beautiful, bouncy boy.

We spoke to Jess about her pretty puppy as we get a bit confused at how often he changes colour in the pictures!

Who was your first dog?

Clifford the Cockapoo who we currently have.

What are your first memories of Clifford the Cockapoo?

My first memories of Clifford were a little energetic fluff ball who wouldn’t stop licking my husband (who didn’t like dogs at the time – he’s now a convert!)

When did you fall in love with dogs?

Very early on – I’ve always wanted a dog but my parents always worked full time and explained it wasn’t possible. My childminder had a lovely Lab cross called Cymru who was lively and fun and loved eating bubbles. Then I fell in love with our neighbours’ dog, Honey, who was a honey-coloured Lab and the most gentle soul ever.

Did you have your dog as a puppy or are they a rescue?

We bought him as a pup and have had him from about 10 weeks old.

Did you do any research before getting your first dog?

Yes, we researched the breed and breeder and had a recommendation. Sadly the breeder we chose has since closed, and we now know they weren’t who we thought they were.

What is the best thing about being part of the dog community?

Certainly the socialisation. Dog owners and walkers talk to each other in the way that walkers don’t. I couldn’t believe it when I first started walking Clifford!

What are your top 5 tips for dog owners?

  • The puppy phase is hard – be ready!
  • Training is constant – I love Absolute Dogs for an ongoing approach
  • Be aware of the advice you get – try and go for positive training methods
  • Research the breeder well, including Trust Pilot. Some are very good at pretending to be something they’re not
  • Be prepared to fall in love!

What is the essential dog product that you own?

The crate has been a brilliant buy but we did a lot of crate training

What is the most difficult thing about being a dog owner?

We’ve had to go through a lot of training as we have an anxious dog.

What is the best thing about being a dog owner?

The unconditional love you get. Someone once said to me that dogs are always up for a party, and it’s true!