Are These The UK’s Naughtiest Dogs?

Poorly-behaved pooches have caused a stir for their owners throughout lockdown, and a new competition has found the naughtiest dogs from across the country.

Gala Bingo challenged Brits to send in pictures of their furry friends misbehaving, and has been inundated with shots of adorable, but trouble-making dogs from all over the UK.

Rosie, a French bulldog from South Derbyshire, was crowned the winner after her owner, Dave Edwards, sent in a photo (above) of her proudly sitting on (what used to be!) her bed. Rosie has won a £100 holiday voucher, so she and Dave can have a nice dog-friendly break when the restrictions are lifted.

Dave said, “Rosie is the loveliest, friendliest, most playful dog I’ve ever known but she definitely has a bit of a destructive streak in her. In fact, she destroyed another pair of shoes just this weekend!”

With the competition closed, we thought it a shame that some pups missed out. So here are 10 more of the best entries. Are these the naughtiest dogs in the UK?

1. Gizmo

Gizmo naughtiest dogs
Little Gizmo, a pug/Jack Russell cross was not a fan of the new curtains, according to his owner Jade McKenna from Coventry.

2. Vinnie

Vinnie naughtiest dogs
Vinnie the French bulldog tends to destroy any soft beds or cushions in sight, says his owner, Gemma Shonfeld from Christchurch. But with that guilty look on his little face, who could stay angry?

3. Sabre

Sabre, a majestic looking Husky, thought he’d do a spot of gardening. His owner, Denise Walton from Birmingham, however, was not impressed to see the garden dug up and pots tipped over.

4. Poppy

Poppy the schnoodle (owned by Julie Bishop from Leicester) thought she’d help take out the bins but things didn’t quite go to plan

5. Snowy

We all wish it could be Christmas every day, but Snowy, a Samoyed from Hereford, decided to take things into her own hands, as owner Tegan Rose caught her in the decorations box.

6. Lexi

Lexi, a Labradoodle from Lancaster has made a bit of a mess of the house, but with those puppy dog eyes we’re sure her owner, Jennifer Toal, has forgiven her.

7. Dylan

Dylan, a Sprocker, is not a fan of toilet roll or laundry it seems, or perhaps he was just trying to help his owner, Sharon Jackson from Kettering, with her chores?

8. Bryony

Bryony, a Golden Retriever from Bristol, just wanted to help her owner, Emma Iraci, to open her birthday present. We think you did a great job Bryony!

9. Mimi

Daniel O’Shea from Salford wondered where his little dachshund, Mimi, had wandered off to… he found her gobbling a packet of custard creams upstairs, and to be honest, same Mimi, same.

10. Coco

Coco, a gorgeous Jack Russell from London, won the fight against a cushion, according to owner Amanda Johnson.

Karina Adrian, head of brand marketing at Gala Bingo, commented: “The past year has been a stressful time for everyone, including our pets, so it’s no surprise that they’ve been a little mischievous. Some of these entries are absolutely hilarious, and although I’m glad that’s not my house being destroyed, it’s fantastic to see these dog-lovers able to laugh it off and keep things light hearted. Huge congratulations to Rosie and Dave, we hope you enjoy your prize.”

Is your dog worth considering? We want more dogs to add to our list, is your dog the naughtiest in the UK? Share your stories in the comments.