How To Choose The Best Protection Dog For Your Family?

If you want to buy a home protection dog, you need to consider some vital aspects. The key is to discover a suitable dog that meets your unique needs. It is necessary to know how different factors, like breed, training and temperament, blend harmoniously to shape the behavior of a guard dog. An informed decision always helps you choose a trusted companion that fulfils your unique lifestyle requirements.

Choose The Right Dog Breed

You need to realize that not all dog breeds make perfect protection dogs. Certain breeds are better suited for protecting your home and family compared to others. It is always advisable to choose from dog breeds, such as German Shepherd, Cane Corso, Doberman, Belgian Malinois and American Bulldog. These breeds are well-bred for their intelligence, agility, obedience and responsiveness.

With admirable companionship, affection and loyalty, the best protection dogs make your life a lot easier. Each breed has its own unique features and characteristics. So, you need to make a detailed analysis and comparison before choosing a dog that meets your family’s needs and lifestyle. The protection dog you choose must have a powerful physical presence. He should be smart enough to fend off potential intruders.

Never Undermine The Importance Of Temperament

The temperament of a dog is a vital aspect when choosing a protection or guard dog. Dog breeds, such as German Shepherd, are agile, resilient and fast enough to neutralize a threat when required. These dogs also know how to turn aggressive behavior off when interacting with you and your family members.

You must discover a dog that balances different roles, including protector, companion and playmate perfectly. Top-quality dogs know how to differentiate between family and work time. You need to look for this quality while choosing a guard dog. Several factors influence the temperament of a dog. The most critical factors are breed, conditioning, lineage and training. You must look for a trained dog with the right temperament to fulfil your needs perfectly.

Discover A Responsible Dog Training Company

The pedigree and performance of a dog are two factors you must take into consideration. If you want to find a dog from a reputable, proven bloodline, you must identify a trusted and responsible dog training company. Monitoring and optimizing various aspects, including the health, temperament and performance of dogs is what professionals do, and the best breeders always offer a healthy and good-mannered companion for each customer.

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German Shepherd protection dogAs practically anyone with a family would know, protecting your loved ones is of paramount importance including protecting your property especially at night. Some rely on alarm systems; some rely on guns but both are not infallible and without their drawbacks. An alarm system could malfunction and a gun may be locked up and out of quick reach in an emergency. But have you considered owning a family protection dog?

Family Protection Dogs

Dogs can be great companions and offer us endless amounts of love and cuddles but a properly trained dog can do all that while protecting your family’s health and your property, often without the dog even touching a potential intruder. The keyword here is trained. An un-trained family protection dog or even any dog for that matter can be a big hassle to own and can even interfere in interpersonal relationships including marriage.

But if you start off by choosing a young puppy with a good temperament, then you can train them to obey your commands while still offering that feeling of protection that maybe you and your family haven’t felt before. Family protection dogs are smart by nature and they are eager to learn new things and eager to show their new skills off to you, the pet owner.

They can detect when there is trouble brewing in circumstances where you may not even be aware of what’s coming. Unlike many human beings, dogs are light sleepers and can wake up almost instantaneously and ready for action. No coffee, breakfast, or other morning ritual needed before they wake up. So, consider ditching the expensive alarm system and keep your guns for target practice and/or hunting.

Remember that you should have the goal in mind of having a well-trained protection dog that obeys commands rather than attacks any perceived threat at its own will. A protection dog is more than just a family pet who barks a lot at strangers, they are an investment and you want to get the biggest bang for your buck!

So, get yourself a protection dog that can supply endless amounts of joy and companionship to you and your family, all the while offering the peace of mind that you deserve.