6 Pickiest Dog Breeds When It Comes To Dog Food

pickiest dog food yorkshire terrier

Dogs are known for being picky eaters, but some breeds are worse than others. Some dogs will only eat certain types of food. Or they prefer one flavour to the next. We’ll take a look at the top six pickiest dog breeds when it comes to dog food, plus the best options for each breed. 

It’s also important to know which foods are unhealthy for your beloved pooch. Pooch & Mutt list off the 5 dog foods to avoid for dogs of all ages.

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#1 – Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is well-known for its small stature and rambunctious personality. You might think that this tiny pup would be easy to feed, but you need to pay attention to their dietary preferences if you hope to keep them healthy. Yorkshire terriers require a high-quality commercial diet with specific protein sources like chicken or beef. They also require lots of protein, with up to 22% in adult formulations. Most commercial brands will not meet these requirements without adding supplements like vitamin or mineral mixes.

Yorkshire Terriers can suffer from health concerns like skin allergies and stomach sensitivities. When feeding your Yorkie doggie treats try to stick with real meat snacks rather than processed ones that are high in fat and additives. This breed is prone to dental disease, so make sure you brush their teeth regularly!

This all adds up to make Yorkshire Terriers one of the pickiest dog breeds for dog food.

#2 – Maltese

The Maltese are an active pup that needs daily exercise to remain healthy. They are intelligent dogs, but they can be sensitive to different types of food if fed the wrong thing for too long. If they eat something that upsets their stomach or is hard to digest it can lead to pancreatitis, which can be serious. Maltese thrive on lean proteins like chicken and rice foods.

Avoid giving them dog treats made with wheat as this causes stomach upset for many Maltese dogs. These pups are also sensitive to certain additives like dye and preservatives. Be sure to read the label of any dog food you buy for your pint-sized pup!

#3 – Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is an adorable ball of fur that loves attention from its owners. They are intelligent dogs that love human interaction, but they’re not always easy to satisfy when choosing a new brand of food for them to munch on. Shih Tzus require diets high in protein to keep them looking and feeling their best.

You won’t have to worry about fillers or additives, but you need to pay attention to the type of food you choose for your Shih Tzu. Foods with strong flavours might upset this pup’s stomach so look for something bland when changing brands or flavours. You also need to avoid foods that contain garlic or onions as these vegetables can cause anaemia in dogs.

pickiest dog food shih tzu

#4 – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are known for their beautiful coats and gentle demeanour. They’re not picky eaters like some other breeds on this list, but they will only eat what they should be eating if it’s the right kind of food. These dogs do best on a high-quality kibble that provides them with the proper vitamins and minerals.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels can suffer from health damage like heart disease if they’re overweight, so look for a weight control formula when selecting dog food for your pooch. These pups don’t have to eat bland or boring foods either, Cavaliers will enjoy meaty flavours in their food. Just make sure you avoid anything spicy as these dogs are sensitive to spices and hot peppers!

#5 – Maltipoo

The Maltese Poodle Mix is a big ball of fluff that needs an equally soft diet to match its appearance. They need a balanced commercial dog food that provides them with all the nutrients they need each day. These pups are prone to obesity if they’re allowed to overindulge during meal times, so it’s important you monitor their diet carefully.

Maltipoos can’t handle foods that are high in fats or carbohydrates because these ingredients cause gastrointestinal distress for this pup. Their tiny stomachs can also get upset by too many filler ingredients like corn. If your dog loves the taste of meat make sure you select a food made with chicken or turkey but avoid anything spicy or sweet!

#6 – Chihuahua

The small and perky Chihuahua is known for its feisty personality and big attitude! You’ll need to pick a dog food that meets all the nutritional requirements of this breed, including a low-calorie count for your Chihuahua. You can get away with a lower-quality food while they’re still a pup, but once they reach maturity you’ll want to switch them over to a higher-quality diet.

Chihuahuas have delicate digestive systems so you should avoid ingredients like corn and soy in their dog food. These pups also need to eat foods that are high in protein because it’s easier for them to digest. If beef or chicken aren’t appealing flavours then look for packaged dog foods made with fish instead!

There you have it – the pickiest of all dog breeds and how to take care of their food needs! If you’re planning on adopting a new pup soon then look into what breeds are in your area, and start preparing for the best food they can eat!

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