Gut Health For Pets: Is Bone Broth The Answer?

Family-owned business, Boil and Broth, create and manufacture homemade bone broths, using only natural organic ingredients. From their farm in Dorset, they have become the first UK bone broth manufacturer to obtain a dual license to produce this supplement for human and pet consumption.

Bone broth has fast become the go-to supplement for helping ease digestive discomfort in people, so it seems only natural that our four-legged friends should benefit from the same goodness in their daily diets.

If you are wondering why it is considered an excellent supplement for pets, then here are some of our top facts explaining why you should try bone broth for your pet:

Why Is Bone Broth An Excellent Supplement?

In natural medicine, bone broth is renowned for its healing qualities. It is the proteins extracted from the marrow and knuckle of bones that are transferred into the broth to give the supplement its nourishing qualities. Whilst in conventional medicine bone broth is not recognised for its health benefits, there have been many scientific studies to confirm it can help aid digestion.

Joint Healing Qualities

Bone broth is a rich and dense liquid packed with nutrients that can help senior or sick dogs with joint problems. It contains glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid that are known for their joint protective and elastic qualities. Bone broth also helps in repairing connective tissues which are greatly needed in elder dogs.

Aids Digestion

Bone broth is packed with glycine and proline, known for promoting a healthy gut environment. It can greatly repair damage to the intestinal lining providing relief to inflammation and other digestive problems.

Promotes A Healthy Liver

Dogs are curious animals and investigate through taste which can be a problem for their livers as they have a lot of detoxing to do. However, the liver’s detoxing capabilities are also dependent on glycine. This supplement is for dogs is loaded with enough glycine to not only detox but also promote liver health.

Protein Galore

Bones and marrow are excellent sources of protein which is the primary need for your furry friend. Dogs are active animals with a body structure that must be provided with enough protein to maintain both a healthy inside and outside. Rich with collagen, which is an important protein, makes it a great health supplement.

bone broth Boil and BrothRachel Down, founder of Boil and Broth commented, “It’s great to hear that our pet food customers are also experiencing amazing results with our products. We have been selling into the human feed market for the last three-years and have dozens of reviews and testimonials about how our products are helping people find wellness, so it’s great that we can serve pets too. It’s such an important time for everyone to be taking their health into their hands and we are delighted to help all members of the family.”

Peter Finnigan, a customer of Boil & Broth, based in Cornwall said, “After 3 days, of eating Boil and Broth’s bone broth our female dog’s stools were noticeably firmer and more shaped. We think this is from the chia seed helping with absorption and fibre. We are very pleased and there is no blood in the stool.”

Whilst Samantha Crowe, a customer of Boil & Broth, added: “I ordered Boil and Broth’s bone broth for my dog who had stopped eating. I can’t describe the feeling of joy and relief when it arrived, and my dog started lapping it up. I noticed a massive improvement in her stomach issues and was starting to eat properly again.”

Bone Broth For Pets – £50.00 – One Month’s Supply

Handmade gluten and sugar-free, no additional ingredients; simply broth. Contains 5.5g of protein in 100ml – abundant in natural collagen.

One month’s supply includes: 4 x 250ml lamb broth, 4 x 250ml beef broth, 4 x 250ml chicken broth all with added chia seeds. Plus 4 x 250ml kefir water

Ingredients for Bone Broth: Water (filtered), bones (chicken, lamb or beef). Homemade apple cider vinegar used for mineral extraction only. No added ingredients.

Bone broth will arrive frozen in easy to use resealable pouches and can be stored in the freezer for up to 6 months. Once opened, keep refrigerated and use within 5 days.