Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe Around Plants

We all love our pets, and having them be healthy and happy. Our beloved pets can run rampant in our homes and gardens, but sometimes it’s more than just a little troublemaking.

Pooch & Mutt’s in house Veterinary surgeon Dr Linda Simon has shared her top four tips for keeping your pooch safe around your beloved foliage:

1. Keeping Your Dog And Plants Safe With Reward-Based Training

It’s reassuring to remember that most dogs will have no interest in eating your plants, but there can always be an exception to the rule. Curious puppies, for example, maybe more prone to exploring their surroundings with their nose and mouth and we should ensure any toxic plants are removed from areas your pup is allowed in the home.

Once you have removed any toxic plants, you may still find you have a curious pooch that likes an occasional nibble of pet-safe plants. We wouldn’t want your plant jungle to come to any harm so you may wish to train your dog out of the behaviour. I highly recommend trying some positive reward based training. For example, every time your dog approaches your plant, firmly say whatever your command of choice is to ask your dog to back away. If your dog obeys and moves away from the plant, you should reinforce the good behaviour by praising them and rewarding them with a treat!

Dog plants

2. Know The Signs of Plant Poisoning in Dogs

Most symptoms of plant poisoning in dogs will occur within 3 hours of ingestion and include vomiting, diarrhoea, salivation, depression and lack of appetite. If you suspect your dog has ingested a poisonous plant, remove them from the vicinity of the plant immediately and call your local veterinarian if they are displaying signs of plant poisoning.

3. Pick Dog Friendly Plants

One way to avoid any potential accidents is to opt for pet friendly plants as opposed to those that are harmful, meaning that you can still fill your home with greenery, whilst keeping your four legged friends safe too!

There are plenty of pet friendly plant options such as Calathea, Ferns, and Peace Lillies to name a few. It is worth doing your research when choosing plants for your home, but if you are still unsure, brands such as Patch have made it extra easy for pet owners to find pet friendly plants by creating dedicated pages for non toxic options.

4. Rearrange Your Space

You can lift potentially toxic plants out of your dog’s reach by using plant stands – they raise the pot several inches off the ground. If your dog is small, a plant stand should move them out of snacking distance.

You can also keep special plants in dog-free rooms or hung out of reach. This way, you can still keep your favourites, dog-friendly or not, knowing they can’t come to any harm to your pooch or vice versa. We find that most pets avoid the bathroom – a favourite spot for many of our plants.