6 Great Cleaning Tips For Dog Owners

We all love our dogs and consider them a part of our families. However, they can really mess up your home! Dog hair and paw marks can make home cleaning an overwhelming task.

We have some great hacks to make cleaning up dog hair a breeze. Build these tips into your cleaning routine so you and your dog can relax in a clean and tidy home.

1. Regular Grooming

The best thing you can do for your home is keep on top of grooming your dog. It has great benefits of preventing shedding and helping their coat to shine. Our advice is to try to do this more often. The more you groom and brush your dog, the less hair will build-up on your carpet and furniture.

2. Vacuum The Carpet And Furniture

The most obvious and efficient way to keep our homes dirt and fur-free is of course by vacuuming. You should do this at least twice a week and concentrate on their favourite areas of the house.

The best technique is to use a small attachment or handheld hoover. However, if there’s a lot of build-up, you could end up clogging your vacuum. After vacuuming, why not follow up with some of our other cleaning tips.

3. Use A Lint Roller Or Tape

A quick and obvious fix for cleaning up dog hair is grabbing something sticky. Lint rollers and tapes are both inexpensive and efficient. You can even create a makeshift lint roller by wrapping your hand in tape.

A trick of ours is to leave the tape stuck on the surface for a little while before peeling it off. This makes sure you grab every piece of fur. We recommend duct or masking tape as they are strong and do the job well. A piece of advice is to avoid any furniture coated in paint as it can peel away.

cleaning fur from husky4. Use Rubber Gloves

This may seem like a strange suggestion, but it’s an amazing alternative to wasting tape. The rubber will lift the fur off your sofa with ease. Simply put on the rubber gloves and dampen them with water. Run your hand over the surface and the fur will stick to the glove. When the gloves are covered with hair, you can rinse and repeat until it’s all gone.

5. Use A Fur Removal Brush Or An Old Toothbrush

If there are any bits of dog hair clinging on, try using a fur removal brush. It has a special design that picks up any loose fur that’s been left behind. A cheap alternative is an old toothbrush and it works just the same. Its bristles can grab any small bits of hair. Dog hairs are difficult to clean from in between the brush’s bristles so it’s best not to use it for any other kind of cleaning.


6. Leave A Towel By The Door

Our dogs can’t help that mud gets caught in between their paws on a walk. Why not leave a towel by the door so you can clean their paws as soon as you get home? This prevents dirt from being brought inside and gives us less cleaning up to do.


We wouldn’t change our dogs for the world. Even if they do leave dirt and hair everywhere! These tips and tricks were brought to you by TidyChoice, an online domestic services platform. If you don’t have the time to follow our hacks, why not hire a professional cleaner. A housekeeper can help keep your home looking clean and tidy on a regular basis.