Dream Job Alert! Get Paid To Pamper Your Pooch

pamper your pooch

Do you pamper your pooch? If so, this company will pay you to test out a brand new collection of grooming products worth £200.

After a recent survey found that Britain’s dog owners spend up to £159 a year on dog grooming, Groomarts is looking to supply Britain’s most indulged dog to test new grooming products in a new job designed for dog lovers.

As owners have spent more time at home with pets, people across the country have been spoiling their dogs more than ever, outlaying £7.5 billion a year on treats and toys.

Now, expert dog stylists, Groomarts are looking for images of Britain’s pooches being coiffed and pampered by their owner, with the most indulged being named Britain’s Most Pampered Pooch. Owners take countless photos of their pets, so applicants are being encouraged to share images of their dogs enjoying a luxurious bubble bath, being brushed at their local grooming parlour or having a summer trim.

In return, applicants get the chance to win a full collection of grooming tools (including brushes, nail clippers and comb) worth £200, saving owners the expense of professional grooming each year. Pet care is especially important during the warmer months, when brushing helps to thin out dogs’ thick undercoats.

Recruits must post their photos on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, tagging @groomartsacademy on Instagram, @GroomArts on Twitter and @salonattheacademy on Facebook, using the hashtags #picturepawfect and #barkofthetown. The more creative and fun the photographs are, the more worthy your pooch is of being crowned ‘Britain’s Most Pampered Pooch’. The competition closes on Friday 24th September and the winner will be announced on Thursday 30th September.

For more information on the grooming tester role and for your pooch to be in with the chance of winning Britain’s Most Pampered Pooch title, head over to Groomarts website here.