6 Of The Best Dog-Friendly Places To Visit In Liverpool

Liverpool dog friendly puppet

Here on The Dogs blog, we love nothing more than celebrating and showcasing the very best destinations where beloved canines are welcome. The city of Liverpool is a vibrant, friendly and exciting town that offers an abundance of days out possibilities. It’s also an extremely welcoming city, and that includes dogs! There are so many wonderful dog-friendly venues throughout Liverpool.

Leaving your dog alone at home so that you can do something fun and exciting can be a painful decision. No one likes to hear the barking and whimpering sounds as they exit the door, let alone to return to a messy house caused by a frustrated pet! Thankfully, in this day and age, there are more options than ever before allowing your dog to be your companion. More venues are now open to accepting doggy visitors instead of restricting access to guide dogs.

For a dog-friendly business, there are several benefits to accepting furry customers. First of all, it will help create a lively and mood-boosting atmosphere. The sight of a dog in a pub or restaurant isn’t common, but when it does happen, it’s bound to lighten the mood and cause all sorts of positive attention towards the animal. Welcoming dogs will attract new customers who prefer not to leave their animals behind. It will also provide you with the unique opportunity to host a creative event or launch a dog-focused marketing campaign. Ultimately, dog-friendly venues have seen an increase in revenue following their decision to open their doors to canines.

In today’s post, we will be looking at six of the best dog-friendly places in Liverpool.

#1 BrewDog Liverpool

We’ll start with BrewDog, a brand that just has to accept dogs if their name is anything to go by! Founded in 2007, BrewDog has succeeded in launching a range of well-known beers and pub chains. The Liverpool bar is based around the corner from Bold Street and serves refreshing craft beer and mouth-watering food. Not only do they welcome dogs with open arms, but they even host Dog Pawties! When your dog is celebrating their special day, you can book a party at BrewDog for just £6 per dog. Dogs will be given party hats, a celebration card and an ice-cream sundae.

#2 Baltic Market

The Baltic Triangle has emerged as THE place to be in Liverpool in recent years, and one of the best options to consider for food & drink is the Baltic Market. This large market serves street food dishes from a range of vendors, so it’s a great place to be for groups with fussy eaters. Best of all, as a casual dining experience, dogs are encouraged to attend. Just make sure they don’t steal anything off your plate!

#3 Down The Hatch

This one is for all the vegans out there. Down The Hatch prides itself on serving junk food that is vegan-friendly! You can enjoy everything from dirty burgers to loaded hotdogs. Down The Hatch can be found in an underground venue on Duke Street. Dogs are more than welcome and unless they like plant-based food, they will be less likely to kick up a fuss over what you’re eating.

Sefton Park dog friendly liverpool
Sefton Park, Liverpool

#4 Ship & Mitre

The Ship & Mire is a classic old school pub that has existed ever since 1935, although it used to be called a different name. You can expect to enjoy a traditional experience and atmosphere. All your favourite pub drink and food options will be offer. And yes, your dog will be welcome! The pub staff will be more than happy to see your pet and they may even have some treats and water ready for them.

#5 Salt Dog Slim’s

This is another restaurant with dog in its brand name, so of course, we have to mention it as a dog-friendly venue! Salt Dog Slim’s is an American-style restaurant on Seel Street. The menu will leave you spoilt for choice. There are world beers, bespoke cocktails, chilli dogs, and so much more. Dogs are welcome to join you during lunch and the restaurant will be happy to supply free water and treats.

#6 Sefton Park

While this is not quite a venue, it’s still a dog-friendly place in Liverpool! We’re sure that your dog is loving all the attention, pets and free treats at a local bar or restaurant, but what dog doesn’t love to run around. Sefton Park is one of Liverpool’s largest public parks and provides the perfect opportunity for your dog to burn off energy and enjoy the fresh air. They may even meet a few new friends along the way. The park is 235-acres in size, making it the perfect place for a peaceful walk with your dog. Just remember to keep your dog on the lead to protect other people and the local wildlife. Plus, the last thing you want is a pet covered in water!

Liverpool is a vast city with so many things to see and do. If you’re planning on visiting the city in the next few weeks or months, make sure to have a read of the things to do in Liverpool guide from City Explorer. The guide covers everything from educational museums to exciting activities and the best restaurants for tasty food!