Best dog cafés in New Zealand

dog cafés

New Zealand is known for its stunning nature and landscapes, but it also offers a unique experience for animal lovers – dog cafés. These delightful establishments combine the joy of tasty food and beverages with the company of adorable furry friends. In this article, we will explore the best dog-friendly cafés across New Zealand, as well as touch on some other important information for dog lovers.

Before you go…

If you are planning a trip to New Zealand with your dog and visit some of the wonderful cafés, we are about to discuss, make sure you take all the essential precautions to protect your pet. For instance, dog insurance in New Zealand is becoming increasingly popular, to ensure that any unexpected vet bills, treatments, injuries, medications, etc. are covered for.

Additionally, research the local rules and regulations, and prepare any needed documentation in advance. Keep in mind that there is also a list of breeds banned in New Zealand, so if your dog is one of them, there will be certain restrictions.

But, enough about that – let’s jump straight to the cafés!

1. Long Dog Café

Situated in Dunedin, the Long Dog Café boasts an unbeatable location right by the beach, perfect for a stroll with your pooch before settling down for a meal or drink. The café is truly a slice of dog heaven, with special treats like pup-cakes available for your furry friend. The welcoming vibe and the stunning views add to the overall experience, making it a favourite among dog owners.

2. Cornwall Park Cafe

For those in Auckland, the Cornwall Park Café offers a peaceful setting in the midst of lush greenery. This café is a wonderful choice if you are looking to enjoy a day out in the park with your dog. It prides itself on being dog-friendly and provides a variety of options suitable for all occasions and tastes, ensuring that every visitor, on two legs or four, leaves satisfied!

3. Central Bark Café

Located inside the Pet Central pet store in Christchurch, this café goes above and beyond by offering a drool-worthy doggie menu. Here, you can treat your furry friend with dog-friendly drinks, snacks, and pup cakes. Its inviting atmosphere and the exceptional care shown to both pets and their owners make it a must-visit.

4. Perky’s Floating Bar

Perky’s Floating Bar in Queenstown introduces a novel concept by welcoming dogs aboard its permanently moored floating bar. The exceptional views and the novelty of dining on water make this a memorable spot for dog owners looking for a special meal out, without having to leave their four-legged friends at home.

5. Fusee Rouge Café

Fusee Rouge Café is a cosy spot in Cromwell, where dogs are warmly welcomed outside, and pupperchino’s are available upon request. The staff’s love for animals shines through with free pats for all canine visitors, making every furry friend feel extra special. The experience is no worse for the owners either, with a great selection of delicious meals and drinks available.

Final word

Dog-friendly cafés and restaurants are a brilliant way to taste a country’s cuisine, while bringing your four-legged best friend along! If you enjoyed reading this, make sure to also check out our article about dog café in Seoul, South Korea!