Affordable Dog Walkers in Toronto

Are you too busy to take your pet out for a walk? Do you feel guilty of ignoring your pet’s exercise needs? You don’t have to feel guilty if you hire a dog walker in your area. You may think that dog walking services are expensive. But this is not true. There are some affordable dog walkers in Toronto you can count on. These dog walkers take care of the overall well-being of your pet when you are not around.

Who Dog Walkers Are?

Dog walkers are professional dog caretakers. They are hired by companies to provide their clients with dog-walking services. The responsibility of a dog walker involves the following:

  • Walking the dog on a pre-decided route.
  • Taking the dog out on a regularly scheduled basis.
  • Dispose of dog waste.
  • Be vigilant of dogs’ behaviour to ensure the pets’ and public safety.
  • Take the pet to the vet in case of an emergency.
  • Inform the client of any issues related to their pet.

The dog walkers take multiple dogs out for a walk at one time. This means a dog walker may take out five dogs from different clients on a walk. The dog walker is hired on the basis of education qualification and stamina to control the dogs outside.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Dog Walker?

You can find affordable dog walkers in Toronto with ease. Most local dog walkers charge from $25 to $50. The cost may vary depending on the services you seek. For instance, for an off-leash outing, you may have to pay $27, and for an extended off-leash outing, you may be charged $49.

Each service includes a range of other services. For instance, some dog walkers may provide three hours of outing with a leash to dog owners for just $27. Some dog walkers even customize the services to meet the demands of each client. You can ask your dog walkers to take the dog to the vet and pay an extra amount for it.


How Do You Hire an Affordable Dog Walker in Toronto?

Hiring an affordable dog walker is not really difficult. You need to be vigilant and understand the services the dog walkers are providing. When hiring a dog walker, ask if they provide the following services:

  • Pick and drop services?
  • Access to private outdoor and indoor runs?
  • Will the dog walker take the pet to the vet in case of emergency?
  • Does the dog walker provide waste disposal services?
  • Can the dog walker take care of the pet for a few more hours?
  • How much does it cost to have extra hours added to the schedule?
  • Does the dog walker follow the route already planned and discussed?
  • Does the dog walker provide shuttle services for transporting the dogs?
  • How many dogs do a dog walker handle at a time?
  • Can the dog walker train the dog as well?

Answers to the aforementioned questions will help you understand the type of services a dog walker provides, and the price involved is not too expensive. The dog walking services in Toronto are reasonable. You can easily locate a reliable dog walker in your area by seeking referrals and searching online. Most dog walkers have well-designed websites that let you connect online.

Do I Need to Check the Certification of Dog Walker?

It is not necessary to check the certificates of a dog walker. You can interview them and ask for previous clients’ references. Most dog walkers in Toronto have a reputation for taking care of dogs and ensuring their safety outside. You can easily leave your dog with them and focus on your work.


Dog walking services in Toronto have become quite popular for the quality of the service being offered in the town and at a reasonable price. If your job doesn’t allow you to take care of your pet’s physical needs, you can hire a dog walker in Toronto and stop feeling guilty for your dog.