Why Should You Consider Choosing Doggy Day Care?

We know that it can be difficult to leave your dog behind, but at the end of the day, we all have our own responsibilities to take care of. Between going to work, hanging out with friends and family, or even going on holiday, there are some situations where the only option is to leave your dog behind. However, your dog doesn’t need to be left alone! You can book your dog in for doggy day care which has shown signs of improving their personality, behaviour and socialisation skills as well as keeping them care for when you’re not there.

Faye’s Doggy Boutique is a provider of luxury doggy day care in Liverpool. Faye and her team of dog lovers have created the perfect indoor and outdoor environment that aims to treat dogs as if they’re part of the family. The day care centre provides a fun and safe place for dogs to run around, play with their friends and relax.

As a specialist on the subject, Faye’s Doggy Boutique have provided us with some of the best reasons why you may want to consider doggy day care for your pet.

What Is Doggy Day Care?

If you need to leave your child for a few hours, you wouldn’t leave them alone in the house all day. So why should dogs be any different? Doggy day care is very much like child day care except with dogs! Effectively, it is a specialist environment where your dog can visit for short-term stays. Day care trips can last anywhere from one hour to a full day. It differs from boarding kennels where dogs are locked up in their own cage or pet sitting where a minder will visit the dog’s house and take care of them there.

Most day care facilities are designed to be cage-free environments. They will typically feature large, open indoor and outdoor facilities where dogs can roam and play with other doggy visitors. Day care centres are supervised by trained animal lovers who keep a close eye on every guest, making sure that they behave themselves and play nice with other dogs.

doggy day care in tunnelThe 5 Main Benefits of Day Care for Dogs

Doggy day care isn’t just about having someone take care of your dog while you are occupied elsewhere. In fact, there is evidence that day care can be an extremely helpful experience in developing your dog’s personality and behaviour. Here are some of the best reasons for choosing doggy day care for your pet.

1. You Can Go Do What You Want

This first benefit is a very obvious but important one to mention. By booking your pet into doggy day care, you can go off and do whatever you want! Whether going to working, shopping with friends or taking a personal day for yourself, you can do all these things and more without feeling guilty. Day care offers complete peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about feeding your dog or letting them outside; the day care staff will have all that sorted. Likewise, there’s no need to fret about the dog wrecking your house while you’re gone.

2. Improves Their Socialisation

Without a doubt one of the best things about day care is it helps to improve a dog’s socialisation skills. Dogs that are regularly left alone may grow up to be nervous and defensive around other people and animals. A core aspect of day care is allowing dogs to play for hours on end with dogs of all breeds and sizes. The facility should integrate the animals with dogs that closely match their personality and avoid situations that may lead to confrontation.

3. Your Dog Will Get Exercise

Don’t feel bad if you’re unable to take your dogs for long walks a few times a week. This can be a committed part of owning a dog, but unfortunately, life’s responsibilities can get in the way. Just like ourselves, pets need regular exercise to improve their own physical and mental health. Day care centres usually have massive amounts of space for dogs to run wild. Your dog will have hours of fun running round, chasing other dogs and getting plenty of exercise. They’ll be worn out when you pick them up – the perfect opportunity for snuggles!

4. Helps to Ease Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety can be an extremely distressing problem for pets and their owners. With separation anxiety, dogs can experience symptoms like barking constantly when left alone, urinating and defecating in the house, destroying household objects, and pacing back and forth. Day care won’t make them forget about you, but it will ease their separation anxiety and make life better for them and you. By meeting other dogs and getting into a routine, your dog will begin to feel less lonely and anxious.

5. Gets Your Dog Into a Routine

As with exercise, believe it or not, dogs also need to enjoy a regular routine just like us. If you disrupt their routine by popping out for several hours, you affect their regular habits such as eating and going to the toilet. Placing your pet in doggy day care will help them to get into a routine. They will know what to expect, will feel more comfortable and confident about what’s to come, and will get into the habit of being excited about meeting up with their doggy pals.

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