Searches For Dalmatians Surge By 800% Since Cruella Release

searches for dalmatians

The new Cruella blockbuster has increased the number of Google searches for dalmatians by 800%, according to analysis from e-commerce specialist, Salesfire.

The distinctive dogs, famed for their unique white coat and black spots, appear with Emma Stone as the villainous Cruella de Vil in the film, which was released 28 May in UK cinemas.

However, the plot does not exactly paint the spotty dogs in the best light, searches for dalmatians have increased.

Since the release, the number of Google searches for ‘dalmatians’ increased by a whopping 800% from May 26 to May 30. Google searches for ‘dalmatians’ are also currently on track to be the highest since 2004.

Data collected by Salesfire’s TrendDesk platform found there has been a further 51.2% increase in visitors to animal and pet sites in the four days since the film was released in cinemas.

The film, which has had glowing reviews, is one of the first movies to be shown in the cinemas since they reopened on May 17 and has also been available for premium members of Disney+.

The surge in popularity comes after dog welfare company, The Kennel Club, called for a responsible approach to puppy buying in the wake of Cruella. In 1997, animal shelters around the country reported sharp increases in the number of unwanted dalmatian dogs after a surge of registrations following the popularity of the live-action 101 Dalmatians film in 1996.

Rich Himsworth, CEO of Salesfire, said: “Firstly, I’m delighted to see the levels of success Cruella has received as cinemas in the country finally begin to reopen. The reception the film has gained highlights the fact that we’re embracing life returning to some form of normality.

“Across our portfolio of eCommerce clients, we’ve noticed a similar pattern of people shopping online on the back of key events, whether that’s a film release, a bank holiday or lockdown restrictions lifting.”