1 In 4 Brits Will Happily Share Their Bathroom With A Pet

owner share bathroom with pet

One in four Brits will happily share their bathroom with a pet, according to a study by bathroom tile specialists Topps Tiles.

In the survey of bathroom habits, 25% of participants admitted that they share their toilet time with a pet.

But are we getting too friendly with our pets? We asked dog expert Andrew Jones from Kennelstore to tell us about the pros and cons of letting animals share our bathroom space.

“This type of behaviour is actually quite common for dogs as they believe they are actually protecting you while you do your business. However, it’s important to remember that you need to set boundaries with your pet to avoid them developing separation anxiety or even becoming over-possessive.

“That’s why I suggest closing the door behind you when you visit the bathroom. To avoid your dog becoming stressed, ask them to wait outside the door and tell them you’ll “be right back.” If they sit tight, reward them with a cuddle or a treat.”

french bulldog toilet roll

Harriet Goodacre, Brand Communications Manager at Topps Tiles said:

“Bathrooms are an important part of any household. From providing a sanctuary for pampering to a place of bonding with babies or simply just getting a bit of time alone, it’s a place we don’t talk about much, but that we believe deserves celebration!

“As this study shows, the way we spend time in our bathrooms differs across people but one thing’s for sure; we’re spending more time in there than we might have realised! That’s why we’re encouraging people to celebrate their bathrooms, get rid of the taboo and enjoy!”.

In the same study, it was revealed that Facebook is the most popular social network to scroll through while on the loo, and women are twice as likely as men to spend their toilet time scrolling TikTok.