The Best Dog Fitness Equipment To Get Them In Shape

A fit and healthy dog is a happy dog! Dogs in top shape are more likely to live longer, are more fun to be around and are less likely to engage in destructive behaviours. It is not just the dog that benefits, but also the owners. Exercise can come in the form of regular walks, but if you require extra support for whatever reason, you can invest in fitness equipment built specifically for your dog.

Keep reading to learn about the main benefits of keeping your dog fit and healthy, as well as some of the best fitness equipment that can help out.

Why Is Exercise Important For Dogs?

Most dogs get all the exercise they need from regular walks, but this might not be enough in some cases. Pet owners have life commitments that can get in the way of taking time to walk their dog. Some dogs may also have health issues that require additional exercise and specialist equipment to work specific areas of their body. Regardless of how they get their exercise, regular activity is important for maintaining a dog’s physical and mental health. It’s a well-known fact that dogs need to let off steam and energy. If they don’t, they may begin to develop behavioural issues such as constant barking and destroying furniture. It has been proven that dogs with troublesome traits typically leave their bad habits behind after a sustained period of regular activity.

Of course, it’s not just behaviour that makes exercise important for dogs. Just like us, if dogs don’t burn enough calories, they can become overweight. As well as affecting their physical ability and general wellbeing, dogs that are overweight can encounter health issues such as diabetes and arthritis. It’s not just about the present either, but also about helping your dog live a long and happy life. Dogs naturally deteriorate as they get older, so regular exercise in their younger years can help to reduce the possibility of pain and weak muscles as they age.

The amount of exercise a dog requires can vary depending on several factors, including their breed, age and health issues. Puppies tend to receive plenty of exercise naturally as they are more excitable and burn off loads of energy by running around a lot. Exercise can include anything from daily walking, hiking, swimming, trips to the park, or playing fetch. Some dogs may be disinterested in exercise, such as hikes and long walks, so it’s essential that you ease them into the process so that they start to enjoy it. One of the things you can do is invest in dog fitness equipment.

Dog Fitness Equipment TreadmillDog Treadmills

So let’s get stuck into the types of fitness equipment that you can buy for your pooch! We’ll start with the dog treadmill. Yes you read that right, there are treadmills built specifically for dogs! The treadmill is a popular fitness product for us humans as it means that we can work our cardiovascular system without running outside. Normal treadmills are not as safe or effective for dogs, which is why you should invest in one built specifically for dogs. Dog treadmills can handle a dog’s long stride, prevent hair and dirt from getting trapped, have safe side panels, and are quieter to avoid scaring the dog. If your dog has health issues, the weather outside is miserable, or you’re unable to walk your dog, the treadmill is an excellent alternative to make sure they continue to receive their daily exercise.

Agility Equipment

Dogs love to show off their agility skills, so why not purchase equipment that helps them do so while having loads of fun? You can buy anything from weave polls, jump bars, open tunnels, see-saws, and so on. You can then set up an exciting little agility course where your dog can go from one piece of equipment to another. Who knows, they may even surprise you and cause you to enter them into a dog show such as Crufts!

Dog Fitness Equipment polesBall Launchers

Let’s be honest, most of us love playing ball games such as catch and fetch with our dogs. However, there’s only so much repetition we can take! Whereas you are likely to tire in no time, dogs could go on for hours. A great solution to this problem is an automatic ball launcher. With a launcher, dogs can play fetch with themselves and still have a good time while burning off energy. You don’t have to do anything except change the settings!

Balance Discs

Last of all, we come to the balance disc. Dogs need to balance their core strength just as much as we do. Core strength can help to maintain balance, enhance flexibility, reduce risk of injury, and support the back muscles. This is where a balance disc can be really helpful for your dog. Balance discs provide an unstable surface so that when your dog stands on it, their core muscles are engaged and strengthened.

Now that your dog is on the way to their own fitness goals, don’t forget about yourself! Regular exercise is just as important for us humans in leading a healthy lifestyle as it is for our pets. If you’re looking for commercial gym equipment, look no further than PowerGym Fitness. PowerGym sells a range of high-quality products that are suitable for any type of workout routine, whether you’re interested in losing weight, developing strong muscles, or increasing your stamina. The products are commercial-quality and suitable for professional gyms but can also be used at home.