Protecting Your Dog Ahead Of The Tick Season

As we head into the warmer months – and begin to fill the lighter evenings with long dog walks – it becomes much easier for a tick or two, to find their way into our pups fur.

There are plenty of ways to keep your pet safe and free from these nasty bugs, and often prevention is much better than the cure – especially where ticks are concerned! So we’ve gathered some handy info to help you better understand the pesky bugs and how to deal with them.

What Are Ticks And How Does My Dog Get Them?

To put it simply, ticks are a parasite that feeds on your pet’s blood, can transmit diseases and cause skin irritation.

Dogs love to explore, especially out and about in parks, fields and farms – wherever you find yourself out on a walk. There’s always a chance that your dog is in an area where they are at risk of catching ticks. Unfortunately, it’s almost unavoidable! The tick will drop onto a dog that brushes past its hiding spot, usually in long grass or woodland.

These small bugs are arachnids that feed on a number of hosts, from rodents to deer. Ticks latch onto a host and whilst they don’t cause infestations they should be removed as soon as they’re spotted on an animal – particularly because they carry potentially deadly diseases like Lyme disease.

Signs Your Dog Might Have A Tick

If you’ve been on a walk in an area likely to house ticks, be sure to check your dog as soon as you get home. Ticks often hide on the skin, so to check if your dog has a tick, run your hands over your dog’s body to check for lumps and bumps. Be sure to check under their collar, in and behind their ears and between their toes too – you never know where they might be.

If you do find a tick on their skin, one of the safest and most pain-free ways to remove it is to use a  special grip or tick twister, which removes the bug effectively and efficiently.

Protecting Your Pet

Prevention is the best method when it comes to protecting your pooch against ticks. Regular tick treatments will help keep your dog covered so even if they come into contact with fleas out and about or in the home, they won’t be a very appetising host!

This simple routine – which usually involves putting a droplet of treatment onto your dog’s skin – will keep your dog healthy, avoiding a range of disease and irritation that ticks cause. Treatment is often affordable and simple to administer too, so it isn’t hard to do your bit for your four legged friend!

dog with tick being removed

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