5 Reasons Why Walking Your Dog Strengthens Your Bond

We love our pooches and we want to bond even closer with them. Creating a strong bond with your dog is vital for a healthy, satisfying, and loving mutual relationship. So, what’s a great way to achieve this?

Going on daily walks is the perfect way to bond with your dog. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why:


During your daily walkies, you serve as the guide and leader for your dog. Some dogs are a little bit shy when they experience unfamiliar situations or places. They can get easily scared and need support from you to feel more secure. By knowing that you are there to protect, support and keep him safe no matter what happens, your pooch’s affection and bond to you increases. This nurtures a deep-rooted trust and a basis for a strong mutual relationship.

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Reason #2

Daily walks are the best time of the day to talk to your dog and train them. Your dog accepts your leadership position by learning to walk properly on a leash, to focus attentively on you and not sniff around, to follow your pace and direction and to heel. This helps to establish correct social behavior, which is vital for dogs and improves your daily life. Your furry companion learns to expect your commands and your motivation and praise when he does something well. He wants to please you because dogs love to please their leaders. This creates a trusting bond between you and your dog.

dog walking bond

Reason #3

Strong mental health is vital for your and your dog’s mutual relationship. So, improve mental stimulation by bringing variation into your life.  Daily walks are a great way to escape from boredom. Keep that stimulation high by doing something different and interesting on each walk. New experiences and new sights stimulate your dog’s brain, and yours too, and create beautiful lasting memories. And your dog will love you even more, because it’s you who takes him out on his daily adventure.

Reason #4

Dogs communicate mainly in canine body language with nonverbal behavior and body posture. Walking in different environments and situations helps you to learn nonverbal signs and cues like how your dog holds his ears and tail. You understand when your pooch is happy, unsure, worried, scared, or simply wants to run from the situation.

Your Pet Your Pill

When you observe your furry friend, you learn a great deal about his emotions and feelings.  Once you understand your canine companion, the more profound and unbreakable the bond between you and your dog will become.

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Reason #5

The daily walk is a highlight of the day to look forward to (for both of you!) Walkies are the perfect time for stress relief and quality playtime. One-to-one time with your furry friend works wonders for the human-canine bond. Daily dog walks are the best remedy for loneliness, unhappiness, and stress. It’s a time to be together as a great team, enjoy the moment, relax, be happy and simply have lots of fun! Even a few minutes of fun play will do the trick – and your dog will bond with you much more.

Don’t let laziness get in the way to reap these amazing benefits, for you and your furry companion. So, what’s the wait – take the leash and go out for an adventure with your best friend!

Dr Margit Muller
Dr. Margit Muller with Shams and Shamsa

By Dr Margit Gabriele Muller, leading vet and award-winning author of Your Pet, Your Pill: 101 Inspirational Stories About How Pets Lead You to A Happy, Healthy and Successful Life, out now, available on Amazon.