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Imagine if one of your favorite people in the world was someone who had an insatiable taste for chocolate and rat poison and antifreeze, and was convinced all were healthy for him. What if his favorite activities were chewing on splintering cooked chicken bones (or Lego or tampons), and play-biting his friends. And what if he had no words to tell you when something hurt or was broken or felt funny or went down the wrong way.

If you loved a person like that, you’d be a fool

If you loved a dog like that, you’d sign up to take this DIY First Aid Kit and Emergency Preparedness seminar that School For The Dogs is having on Tuesday August 14th at 8pm.

The class will also cover steps to take in case of pet loss or theft.

RSVP here. 

For more information, email or call 212-353-8538.

We are big believers in helping people be better educated about their dog’s health, from encouraging good habits to taking preventative measures to avoiding illness and accidents. On TheDogs, we have previously written about instructor Maria Martinez’s 4-hour CPR and First Aid class, which she is still offering through SkillShare in Manhattan (it’s called “Doggy Doggy Are You Okay?”). This class is something of a Cliffs Notes to that more extensive program, which we highly recommend taking.


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  1. Guy Sana

    September 23, 2012 1:43 pm

    I found a few Dog, Cat (even Horse!) first aid resources…
    Pet First Aid Kits
    Kits made especially for your pets. Dog First Aid, Cat First Aid, Horse First Aid ~ You’ll find unique items such as leashes, syringes, and eyewash in these pet first aid kits and pet disaster survival kits that have been developed in collaboration with leading veterinarians. These kits serve as a dog first aid kit, cat first aid kit, or may help with many other mammalian pets!

    Choose a sub-category or scroll down to browse:
    Pet First Aid Kits     Pet Emergency Food & Disaster / Survival Prepardness    Pet First Aid Guides & Videos    Cat First Aid Kits    Horse First Aid Kits

    There’s a whole section of Pet Safety Articles here, too:


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