British Pooches Travel 800 Miles Every Year On Holidays

british pooches travel tower bridge

From the Jurassic Coast to Lake Windemere, British pooches travel more than 800 miles every year on their holidays. 28% of owners say they would not dream of holidaying without their pet.

With millions of Brits planning to travel on holiday in the UK this year, research suggests the British pooches are real explorers, with the average mutt travelling an incredible 805 miles a year.

The best travelled pets in the world

In fact, two in five dog owners (40%) believe that British pups are among some of the best-travelled pets in the world, according to research carried out by motorway service area operator Roadchef.

More than a quarter (28%) of those polled refused to go away without their dog, admitting they could never leave them at home, while 52% of dog owners could not bear to put their beloved pup in a kennel and 37% would not trust a sitter.

In fact, one in five dog owners (21%) would not even consider leaving their pooch with friends and family, with 45% of dogs having already benefited from a UK-based holiday in the last year.

And almost three quarters (74%) have previously enjoyed visiting famous landmarks with their dog up and down the UK, with the number one tourist attractions revealed as the London Eye (28%), Stonehenge (25%) and Big Ben (24%).

Other iconic landmarks the nation’s dogs have discovered together with their owner include Brighton Beach (22%) and Blackpool Tower (22%), while 21% of British dogs have even been treated to a visit to Buckingham Palace.

The research of 1,500 British dog owners also indicated that pooches have enjoyed trips to the Angel of the North (17%), Lake Windermere (16%) and Hadrian’s Wall (16%).

Snowdonia (16%) also made the list, as did Edinburgh Castle (16%) and the White Cliffs of Dover (16%).

Sherwood Forest (15%), Loch Ness (15%) and the Jurassic Coast (13%) also emerged among the ultimate list of doggie destinations.

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Brighton Beach dogs

Britain loves dogs

Mark Fox, CEO Roadchef, said “As a nation of dog lovers, the research findings come as no surprise. What’s interesting is that almost half of modern dog owners say that their furry friend is very well travelled – and 28% refuse to go on holiday without them. But it’s important that dogs – and other pets for that matter – have green spaces to stretch their legs, have access to fresh water and a break from travel.

“With the pandemic seeing an increase in staycations and dog ownerships, we have made sure our services are the perfect stop off points for people travelling with their pets. Our onsite Days Inn hotels also welcome pets, which we know is a relief for pet owners as it gives them the chance to break up long journeys with overnight stays. We welcome all creatures great and small to our services.”

And when it comes to the best holiday activities for owner and pooch to enjoy together, 71% will soak up the sun with a beach day, 47% will dine at a pub and 28% will even treat their furry friend to a hotel stay.

22% will dine with their dog at a fancy restaurant, 22% will attend a birthday bash together and one in ten owners (11%) will take their pooch to a festival.

8% have even attended concerts together, 7% will attend a bootcamp and 7% of pooches have even been taken to a WEDDING.

The bond between owner and dog is so strong that 13% have taken their pooch on HONEYMOON with their new husband or wife.

And 45% confess they would certainly consider the dog coming along for the honeymoon if it was possible.

The Most Visited UK Landmarks For Dogs

  1. The London Eye – 28%
  2. Stonehenge – 25%
  3. Big Ben – 24%
  4. Brighton Beach – 22%
  5. Blackpool Tower – 22%
  6. Buckingham Palace – 21%
  7. The Angel of the North – 17%
  8. Lake Windermere – 16%
  9. Hadrian’s Wall – 16%
  10. Snowdonia – 16%
  11. Edinburgh Castle – 16%
  12. The White Cliffs of Dover – 16%
  13. Sherwood Forest – 15%
  14. Lochness – 15%
  15. The Jurassic Coast – 13%
  16. Loch Lomond – 13%
  17. Tower Bridge – 12%
  18. Tower of London – 11%
  19. Windsor Castle – 10%
  20. Brighton Palace Pier – 10%