Canine cosmetics


Dog tattoos? Hair dye? Perfume? Yes, there really is a market for such things.

Your dog might be your best friend, but you don’t always want the same things. For instance, you want him to walk wearing hygienic booties and to perpetually smell like violets. He wants to roll in cow paddy. Why can’t you both have your way? Load up on pain-free pet cosmetic products that you two can enjoy together.

Pet Tattoos

Painless and non-toxic, Petattoos is a product meant to make your dog look like a hipster. Or a biker. Or just like a dog with a really devoted owner. The tattoos are made using rubber stamps and paint that can be applied to dog fur. Options include words such as “Poop Machine” and “DAWG” and “Butt Sniffer.” Tori Spelling had her pup stamped with a crown and the words “Drama Queen.” You can also order a custom phrase or picture. No laser removal necessary; these come off with just a bit of water.

Gingerbread Cologne

Pet Effects makes sprays for dogs in avariety of scents including gingerbread, sugar cookie, and pineapple-mango. How will your dog feel about his new fragrance? If you give him lots of extra attention and treats whenever he’s wearing it, he’ll probably come to feel good about it. And he won’t know that all the other dogs are laughing at him.

Designer Perfume

Prefer something more classic?Fursions Designer Dog Colognes come in scents based on human products including Giorgio, CK One, Chanel No. 5 and Polo. For the well-heeled dog, there’s also Les Poochs, a $3,000 bottle of cologne made specifically for dogs using the Osmanthus flower with hints of pink grapefruit and Mandarin orange blossom.

Hair Dye

Feeling the urge to relive your Manic Panic color days? Why not take out these feelings on your pet instead? In recent years, the burgeoning world of “creative dog grooming” has brought us standard poodles cut and dyed to look like everything from pandas to football players to peacocks. These dye gels are available in nine colors, and can be used for fine detail or for covering larger areas. They last four washings.


Just because your dog was neutered does not mean that he has no interest in maintaining the illusion of being an intact male. How do you know if you’re dog has a complex about this? You don’t. And he probably doesn’t. But it is hard to resist a product that, according to its site, not only replicates the pet’s testicles in size, shape weight and feel, but also has “features not available on human implants.” Color us intrigued. (Photo credit: Flickr)

Coat Concealer and Powder

A show dog is the pageant princess of the canine world, and like any good beauty queen, she has her secrets. Because white is a hard color to pull off when you live one foot off the ground, some owners use specially-concocted white paints to mark stained areas on a dog’s coats. Powders add a glistening effect to the look. Two words: Bow wow. (Photo credit: Flickr)

Nail Polish

Human nail polish manufacturer OPI now makes Pawlish, available in Fire Hydrant Red, Poodle Pink, and Yuppy Puppy Silver. Should your dog not have the patience to wait for the polish to dry before he goes up on the sofa, you can take his manicure in a whole different direction with nail decals available in rhinestone and flower designs.
(This post originally appeared on Featured photo of dogs with green toes by Life With Big Dogs)

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