Ask A Dog Trainer

At any kind of social gathering, your average positive reinforcement dog trainer tends to get two kinds of questions.

The first question has to do with dog training. Even off the clock, we can usually come up with some choice bit of wisdom to help get someone’s dog from chewing shoes or peeing on the carpet.

The second question follows when the asker is satisfied that the first solution might actually work. They ask: Will this work on my husband? Or wife. Or kid, cat, boss or parent.This question is usually followed by a kind of awkward giggle, but not from the dog trainer.

“Absolutely,” she’ll say. After all, dog training is just a branch of animal training. And aren’t we all animals?

In this new column, Ask A Dog Trainer, dog trainers will answer questions about behavior, as it relates to both dogs and people.

Do you have a Maltese who won’t stop barking at the doorbell? A boyfriend who is more interested in video games then sex? A Corgi who eats poop? A kid who won’t eat vegetables?We want to hear it.

Please use the submission area below or email us.

Illustration by Robert Grossman